Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Quest, The Joy and The Commitment

Story submitted to us, by Mark / OwlBoogie
♥Gracias + RIDE ON!!!!!
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About 3 years ago, I started looking for my Rosebud, my Eleanor, my
unicorn: The 1993 Bridgestone XO-1. The search at that point was
really more of an appreciation for other people's XO's. With little
budget I ended up buying a lower end 1994 XO-5 which I named Grapes. I
rode that bike for about a year and a half. About 2 months ago I set
aside a budget for the elusive XO-1. One showed up on Craigslist but
the seller said it was too small. Bummed, I searched on. An 1992 XO-2
showed up but was sold right before I called. A few days later, the
XO-1 seller contacts me and said he measured it wrong and that it is
indeed my size. I got excited!

Emailed him back… And emailed again… And again… Yet again… Nada.

*sigh* The search went on...

Then about 2 weeks later on a Monday morning, I check my bookmarked
“bridgestone” craigslist bike search and the magic words “BRIDGESTONE
XO-1 / 48cm (oakland west)” shows up. It’s priced above my budget, but
this opportunity doesn’t come very often. I immediately email and I
get a call from the seller about 2 hours later. A quick pitstop at
the bank and by lunchtime I was an XO-1 owner.

Upon receipt
Upon receipt

Funny thing is, at the time I picked the bike up I didn’t realize that
it would change my life. It was more than just buying a bike. I made a
promise to myself that if I ever found an XO-1 that I would ride it on
an AIDS Life Cycle ride. So in 2012, my best friend and I will be
doing that. She is now looking for a suitable road bike. Time to start

Also, I want to ride this thing all the time! So now I’m making a
commitment to ride into work at least twice a week. What deters me
from riding is - work is in Potrero Hill, I live in Twin Peaks and I
am not a good climber on my bike. This will be my exercise. Since
starting my new job, I haven't been working out as often. So why not
kill 2 birds with one bike? (no offense to birds, I'm an owl)

Here I go!
Here I go!

I have my dream bike and I'm gonna be cycling a lot more. If you see
me in the city on my little orange bike: ring a bell, say "Hi!" or
tell me to take the lane! Ha!

Thanks Change Your Life Ride a Bike for letting me write about my experience.

- Marc aka OwlBoogie

Grand View panda
Grand View panda


  1. That's one good lookin' bike! Love those handlebars!!
    Peace :)

  2. Rock on! Thanks for sharing your story, Marc!

  3. When God say yes, it would be yes... and now it's your turn to have your dream ride! nice bridgestone, lovin it..!

  4. Thanks guys! Lovin' the bike... Learning to love the climb home. Ha! - Marc