Thursday, June 3, 2010

Changing neighborhoods within neighborhoods: San Diego, Calif.

Retired socal dood.
This picture was taken earlier this year. Not exactly in the North Park area, but near it, in San Diego.

Have you reconnected with many people from your grade school recently? (as Adrienne would say - "back when I was your age") Well a close friend of mine did, and his friend turned out to be a positive, community leader taking the area by a storm in the area of San Diego. He thougt I'd enjoy how connected the internet can be building nets and bridging gaps from grade school to the present (via facebook, blogs, etc.) Here is an excerpt of the story:
"What are your favorite things about North Park?
-I just won a T-shirt answering that question. I love that my wife and I can bike to wherever we want to go. I like that the business owners are not cold and detached. It is a warm welcoming and for the most part clean place to live."
Read the complete article here:
North Park's Community Builder »
What have you done in your community lately to make a difference? Are you involved in neighborhood activities? Do you say hello to your neighbors, or do you know the corner store workes, owners? - Do share :D

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  1. I say hello to my neighbors, walk across the street and have conversations, etc.

    The only corner stores in which I know people by name are the liquor store and Dairy Queen. That probably says something about me...