Friday, February 22, 2013

friday fun times: we cycle SF (on a tandem)!!

there's a new event in town kids. the people who put on the SF marathon are now truing their bike wheels on a new concept: Cycle SF. it is a nice fun ride to benefit SF parks & rec. there are options for 13 mile or 24 mile rides. both of those options might seem either super "easy" or super daunting to people, but just know this FUN ride is to benefit the parks! more bike parking! more infrastructure! more costumes! more tandems! register here, and we just may see you for the costume competition.

winter in cali :-)

more from their website:
The mission of the event is to promote cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle, and to highlight and celebrate the role of our city’s Recreation and Parks Department in providing a healthy living environment. CycleSF aims to build civic unity through an event that invites bicycle riders of all levels to traverse our city together, and communally experience San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods from the seat of a bike. Thousands of bicycle riders will raise funds to support the programs and infrastructure of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department. We are proud to have San Francisco join other cities around the nation and the globe that also host city-wide, community supported cycling events.

as KT mentioned over on velo vogue, last friday we went to the photo shoot. if all goes well, we just might be up on a muni bus. or a bus stop. or the website. who knows.

on our way to the shoot...

Cycle SF

blogging preparation

Cycle SF

and finally....KT! hehe.

Cycle SF

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Arthursday: Diane Meyer

Cross stitched pixels sewn into photographs & memories from her life. 
Diane Meyer.
-via present&correct

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bike for two Tuesday

Well, hello there.

"Smartly dressed couple seated on an 1886-model bicycle for two. The South Portico of the White House, Washington, D.C., in the background."  
›› via VintageEveryday: Photos of American Cities Before 1910

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Aussie arthursday update

Stoked to have received this comment from The Slow Schlepper in the down under after last week's Arthursday post [Cino Cinelli and the design (and logo!) of the Bicycle], leading to an post on his blog with an update about a 30yr. mural by Keith Haring.
The internet is a wonderful tool.
Thanks SS!

Check it out here:
›› The Slow Schlepper: "Keith Haring wall revisited"
›› The Slow Schlepper: "Oh Joy!"

On imagination.

This wouldv'e been very spot-on if when the kid gets shown back to reality in suburbia, he was also shown as an adult :)
I think this commercial is kinda cute, what do you think?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Arthursday: The key to your heart

Excuse the bit lateness to this, but you know - there was a WCC basketball game on ESPN... :)
Is it March yet?

Happy late-evening Valentine's everyone!
This love of good bike locks and protecting your bike, should be an everyday affair, right?

>> Get sending! your own customized one, from the SFBC here: ♥ SEND A VALENTINE

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

joanie met her twin. mixte love ensued.

this past sunday a few friends and i were going about our sunday routine to the farmer's market and to get chocolate cherry bread from our local co-operative bakery. i can write sentences like that because i live in san francisco.

anyway, as we passed the de young museum on our way to these aformentioned places, i saw the most beautimous thing i've ever seen. a pristine twin to my dear joanie baby.

Joanie's twin!

light was not totally on my side that day, but i did what i could.

Joanie's twin!

i left a love note.
Joanie's twin!

and gasped in (sort of mock) horror when i saw this beauty was locked up with a CABLE LOCK! i wrote on the note for the person to pleaseplease get a ulock. note that person also has the same helmet as me. WHO IS THIS PERSON?!

Joanie's twin!

i left my calling card so they knew i was serious. maybe they are reading today?

Joanie's twin!

i've modified joanie quite a bit from the drop down bars when i got her, but i made her undeniably MINE. i ride her every day and i love her dearly. by extension, i love her twin dearly as well.

have you ever left a love note for a bike?

Cookie fuel

Meanwhile at the market: bake your cookies, ride a bike :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

friday frolicking in the park with bike snob and velo vogue

continuing on the bike snob theme, it's quite possible he saw the pacific ocean on friday.

a few friends, mamakSF and velo vogue, and a music bike came along to the 2nd casting call. here's some pictures that jenn chan took.

on the way to snobbery.

not quite ready for my closeup. i need my SAG card first please.

KT took the dressing euro part very seriously. so cute!!

preparing for scene.

what is snobbier than this setting? not much.

mamakSF about to deliver bread all around town.

windmills and birds.

our golden gate park has so many beautiful nooks and crannies! the queen wilhemina garden is one of them!

speaker bike.

rookie came too!

it was such an awesome time. until i left my pannier behind. but i got it back quickly...and i subsequently passed out (in a bed) from the stress. saturday was a new day!

can't wait to see what the video will look like. did we make the cut, or the cutting room floor. we just have to wait and see.

and now will just have to leave you with the theme song to my life. ;)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

ARTHURSDAY: the procrastination post

ARTHURSDAY arrives fashionably late, late like an art school student to a Friday morning* 'History of Typography' class.. :)
*morning class denotes noon...

"The history of the bicycle is peppered with curious and wide-spanning cultural resonance — from powering the emancipating (and subjugation) of women to reining in incredible design innovation to serving as a manifesto for the creative life" ...  
Cino Cinelli and the design (and logo!) of the Bicycle:
How Cinelli Revolutionized the Art and Design of the Bicycle by Maria Popova -via brainpickings

Friday, February 8, 2013

friday fun times: sf (via nyc) video shoot

apologies for the quietness, but we've been hard at work over here in SF. just tryin' to make a livin'.

and in the spirit of that, a couple of days ago i happened to see there was a tweet laying for me to pick it up as the sun shone in my eyes begging me to wake up and face the day.

well, being that i don't appear very "EURO," whatever that means (i've heard rumors that my ancestors surely have heard of these european fellas), i decided i'd go to people watch whether they would have me or not. i mean i've got to be at least 5-30% european. so my lips show and tell me.

oh, and also the place for the open casting was very close to where i work 9 to 5.

and this is a little bit of what transpired yesterday afternoon. it was lovely to see ladyfleur and bike pretty and their gorgeous bikes as well!

this afternoon there's more open casting calls for people that have flexi time schedules per the tweetie bird above. and yes, bike snob, we do work, but some of us are lucky enough to be able to do our work from wherever the world we may be, only if it is connected to the matrix. having reasonable supervisors helps as well...

so now where did i put my music bike?

Friday, February 1, 2013