Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tuesday injection of fun: red and roger

i was talking to someone earlier today about the name of my red bike.

Happy bikes with baskets

some of you may know my red bike is called joanie baby. half of her namesake comes from this:

if you watch mad men, you know that this character's name is joan.

if you watch mad men, you know this character's name is roger. roger's nickname for joan is "red."

and i guess roger, or rather the actor who plays roger, john slattery, rides a bike while holding what appears to be a script. meowwwrrrr. oh heeeeey there roger. nice bike.

so now you know part of the story of the name behind my bike. :)

via here.


  1. tuesday injection of hotness. dayum thanks for eye candy motivation <333

  2. omg - i love joanie and had no idea that john slattery was a hot dude on bike... until now!

  3. I was seriously JUST having a conversation with some co workers about how i thought john slattery was the the current "it" hot-silver-fox! now that i've seen him on a bike? Hawtness totally multiplied. meow!

  4. up next is joan/christina hendricks to be on a bike. i think i'll faint in my chair WHEN i see that. :)

  5. additionally, i'm noticing i have a weakness for red things. red hair, red bikes. hmmmmmm. i like this weakness of mine :D

  6. yeah, things... y networks.
    like a 3g n stuff.

  7. i've heard there's a 4g upgrade on a different network. i'll have to look into that.