Monday, June 7, 2010

The Dark Side

I am always surprised when people tell me they are afraid to ride at night. Fear stops people from experiencing so many things. Riding in the city at night can be very peaceful. Fewer cars, more space, less noise.

NIght Ride 1

Night riding isn't about carrying a ton of groceries or getting to work on time. Just grab your purse and hit the road.

Night Ride 2

The only hurry is to make sure you get to the pub while there is still a seat to be had.

Night Ride 3

Or maybe it is a gallery opening you are headed out to. A show of impressionist photography perhaps?

Snatch & Grab

Maybe it is just to burn off some energy from the day. It doesn't really matter. Give it a try if you never have before. You will never have to worry about a valet scratching your car ever again!


  1. I love night riding just for the reasons you mention... there is nothing better that riding roads that are normally bustling and loud, just to find them calm and quiet at night. Just be sure to use your lights! ;)

  2. I love riding at night more than any other time! I work nights and often get off work at 3am and the ride home is so peaceful. I get nervous about drunk drivers sometimes but there are usually very few cars out at all. The streets are mine!

  3. Love these pics! Did you use slow shutter speed?


    That was a fun night!

  4. I ride at night all the time and it's great. The key is to have good lights on your bike. Otherwise, it is easier than daytime cycling, as there really are fewer cars on the road.

  5. Kristin- I just put it on auto and made sure to pan as they passed. That's the key, you have to keep moving with the target.