Friday, June 18, 2010

friday fun times: biking to watch the game

on the first day of the world cup, KT and i met up at a cafe to watch the mexico v. south africa match. they didn't have sound at the cafe, so we relocated to the irish bar nearby. oh did they have the sound. and lots of south african fans. errr..?

anyway, here's her video of her arrival

England vs. England - Si Se Puede from Kristin Tieche on Vimeo.

as you know, that game resulted in a draw. BORRRRRRIIIIIING. but not yesterday!

stay tuned for more world cup that is what i like to do in the mornings. bikes and futbol. what could be better?!


  1. England v England. Sorry to say that's how it will have to be to win the world cup, coz they can't beat any one else. £150.000.00 a week some of those players earn, i would'nt pay them £150.00 a week. Sorry about that rant, just had to get it out of my system. Have a great weekend!!:)

  2. Hahahaha! Very funny. I could say the same thing about France!

    Sorry about your team!

  3. girls y sports - i so love all of you!! myself, cant wait for march madness again :D

  4. whats wrong with south african fans in umm the match between mexico and I am not sure but you seem to have given the impression that s.africans cant watch a match in a irish bar ,, come on lady

    ex sacramento aussie south african girl of irish stock