Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The writings on the wall.

Calitexican and meligrosa's road bikes getting some spanking fresh artsy wall love. Right.
For once we left our beloved basket red and bleu mixtes asides, and we decided to take our road bikes for a quick spin the other day. (that quick turned out to be, ummmm, 3-4 hours...) And face the mean hills in the face. Y qué?! here we go.
Of course I could not agree to do anything, for that fact, without a serious caffeination session before hand. More to come soon.


Bikini bike
Both photos taken on Linden – Hayes Valley.


  1. Hills and soft porn, huh? Sounds like San Francisco!

  2. The second one is totally going to be my new background photo.

  3. hey! she's riding ass-backwards! i hope she knows that.

  4. ade/ yea and chicks and bikes. im surprised we dont get any spam!! errr yet - LOL

    kit/ fantastic! :D Im starting to neglect less my road bike,.. jee eje

    ctx/ u know those SF bike girls are masters at all things bikes, tu sabes ;-)