Sunday, June 6, 2010

Night & Day

Day time. Riding out to get some work done, pick up kids, return milk bottles...

Bag & Shoes (AM)

Night time. Mid-week Butter Lap around town. Gotta get better at the hill climbing if I am going to make it in August.

Chucks & Water Bottle (PM)

Mix it up a bit. Just because you commute does not mean you can not race. Just because you like the open road does not mean you can't hit the street.

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  1. So true Adrienne! Too many cyclists I know pigeon-hole themselves 'Oh, I'm a racer' or 'I'm a commuter'. I know a guy who rides for 100s of miles on long races but takes public transport to get to the shops.

    Mix it up people, we are all two-wheeled and the same!