Monday, November 30, 2009

Wait what...

Wait What....
"There's a girl, sitting at the curb with a coffee in one hand, and a camera on the other.
And she is taking a picture of me..."

I have replaced them ciggies for my precious little gadget. luckily, thanks ;-)
Happy Monday everyone -

scenes from the bikey lane: back to the grind edition

(unfortuntately, the above does not refer to coffee grindings and such)

i hope everyone had a great 4 day weekend. mine was full of cat visiting (oh hai, i'm in urz haus), christmas tree getting and decorating, veggie leftovers, beer, coffee, and a couple of bike rides. i didn't go on the longer one i had intended...but such is life ;)

1.) lots more traffic on page. grrr. i missed it when all those cars were elsewhere.

2.) hitting the lights, for the most part. niiiice. yet i was still 6 minutes late. oops.

3.) my gears sticking & me nearly falling over at the green in front of a car and behind the bus. luckily for me, the car driver was patient and followed behind us (me and the other commuters) slowly for a couple of blocks.

4.) a bike light totally destroyed at the interestction of 5th and market. doh! i hope it wasn't due to a hit...just a bump w/ a bike light fall.

5.) me riding to jury duty at lunch. :) i serve my civic duties as needed. now if only there was better bike parking available...i must investigate civic center garage if i get called back tomorrow.

happy monday everyone!

Day 2 Of The Copenhagen Invasion

This was exactly a month ago. Our month for us here in San Francisco has been a complete package of bikes, coffee, friends, visiting friends, let's go, we're here non-stop. Lots of fun, and I, am personally glad for this Thanksgiving break. I savored it to the max.

Anyways, this post is long due from the Friday night before halloween. Mikael (As you may now him from copenhaginize & CCC) had done his lecture about bikes and cities earlier that day, and he was probably more jet-lagged than anyone I had interacted with in a while. He was a trooper It was a great group for dinner, some blogging friends of Mikael from the Bay area, the girls and Ade's family.
3 big kids.
3 big kids.
Bike light lane.
Bike light lane.
After some yummy Ethiopian finger friendly dinner, we went for a stroll around the post-critical mass craziness around the heart of the Mission. Mikael was more than thrilled to be riding with all the SF ladies, and concerned that the bar would be too far, you know in copenhagen we only go 2 blocks to a bar and back ;-)
Wait, we got 3 blocks to go - oh so far...
Wait, we got 3 blocks to go - oh so far...
Ground control to major pirateskulzz. HAR HAR
Ground control to major pirateskulzz. HAR HAR
La pirata y la de cabellera verde.
La pirata y la de cabellera verde. Sounds like 2 mexican wrestling names ;)
Somehow we ended up drinking some of the local flavor, dancing and chatting the night away, mariachi's included.
Mariachi shots.
Mariachi shots.
Table for 6 margaritas, gracias.
Table for 6 margaritas, gracias.
Baila dance baila.
Dancing fun.
Gotz mi eyes on you missy.
Gotz mi eyes on you missy.
After we heard last call, we decided to yes, head out and ride to each of our destinations. San Francisco may only be 7 mi. square so nothing seems 'far' but I guess those Europeans think of our blocks as big long miles (are we there yet?!?) It was a blast and we all enjoyed ourselves.
Duck and Dutch.
Duck and Dutch.
Wigglin /Calitexican and her invisible pirate sword. AYE AYE
Market street at 2:20 am
Market street at 2:20 /Mikael, Ade and I.
I love this pic!!

It was great having all our girlfriends, Ade's family, and Mikael around for a fun night in the city.
From the CPH to SF, with love. Cheers!
♥ 'Til next one everyone /m. ♥

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Last week Caryl did a Tweed ride post, now her set is complete up in Flickr *wink-wink*. If she humbly won't say so, they are amazing shots of amazing looking lads and lassies around the City of Angels. Check out her whole set here: LA Tweed Ride

Black & White Saturday


happy saturday, everyone!
And.. we're off!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Depeche Mode

Fast fashion. That is what is starting to happen in more and more places- bikes on trains. The fashionable use their bikes to get to the train to get across the Bay. We need more fashions like this. The kind that stick and make everything better.

Do you have a multimodal commute? What is it like?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanks Be For All

I have never had all four of my children on bikes at the same time. If you could see me in this shot, you would see my huge, greatfull smile : )

This is what it looked like : )

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! There is always something to be greatfull for. Feel free to share!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We are thankful for the good times, the bikes and our friends - Now stuff your bellies!!!!

♥ With love from the SF triple trouble trio. -&Caryl in ELAY ;-) ♥
& Look no mixtes!! /Butterlap last week.
Game face on GROWWWWRR
Game face on GROWWWWRR
Did someone say styling!?!?
Triple troublez
Watchout for this trio - run!!

He He He

Hubby the Bike Man found this for me. I dedicate it to him and his cyclocross bike (which is currently parked next to the bike he is building into a fixie : )

follow the light.

happy wednesday, all! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"my chrome is shining just like an icicle"

"i ride around town on my lowrider bicycle, bicycle, bicylce..." -- beastie boys

lowrider bikes at the SF bike expo. orale homes. badass, ey.

a werther's original.

Lowrider bikes
childhood dreams bike club, san jose chapter

Lowrider bikes
i'm diggin' the chain steering wheel.

Lowrider bikes
crushed blue velvet seat? yes please.

Caution on Calitexican road.

Curvy nachos ahead
Caution on Calitexican road. Curvy nachos ahead

Tuesday Injection of Fun: Get Inspired.

We like photos. & I know we can all relate to this video. I love this piece. ♥Enjoy!

Monday, November 23, 2009

LA's first tweed ride

this past weekend, LA had it's first tweed ride and here are some photos from the ride..

Union Station

hmm.. what's today's date again? the year please?

LA Tweed Ride
Los Angeles Tweed Ride
good times!

yayy music! :)
-much love to for bringing the tweed ride here in Los Angeles.
(if you're wanting to see more tweedy action/ elegance.. there are tons of great pictures up on flickr :) I'll be uploading more on my photostream too! yayy pictures)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

There Are Bikes At The Expo?

So yesterday was the San Francisco Bike Expo. There were lots of pretty bikes, many of them plant based.

Bamboo Mama! Not For Sale!

Can anyone tell me why you would go to the trouble of making a truly beautiful wood bike with an internal gear hub and not take the tiny bit of extra effort required to machine a horizontal drop out so a tensioner is not needed? I posed this question to a guy from Renovo and I guess they are looking at changing that. I hope so, 'cause that is way too cool a bike for something that visually lame. Much nicer to have it clean like the one below.

I am not, despite my above opinions, that fixated on actual bicycles. Most of the time they come in one of two catagories, useful or not. They are then differentiated by level of visual appeal.

There were only two reasons for me to go to the Expo. The second reason was all the people I knew I would see while I was there. I like bike people way more than their bikes.

This guy's scraper bike was my favorite bike of the whole day because it looked like him. Every spoke was covered in Red Vines!! He was super proud of it.

This guy, from the "Chopaderos Outlaw Bike Club" was so cool he had to wave his hands in the air to testify! I really want a vest with that drunk skull on the back! Anyone out there think they can hook me up? : )

My friend Lilia found us wandering around. When she jumped on this Batavus I instructed her to look "more Dutch". This is her interpretation.

This is Cali's.

I had fun watching the BMX boys show off.

Some of them are too fast for my camera!

My number one reason for going? Meli was in the fashion show at the end! They made her wear pants! I had to witness this : ) She looked fantastic!

That woman is too much, which is of course the reason I like her : )

One last happy shot of the day- a full bike valet!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

a weekend bike haiku for you

slick rubber steep hill,

photo by geekstinkbreath

darkened valencia street.

three-speed fender bell.

written by sxl (98%) and calitexican (2%)

note: the main author of this haiku would like all of us to know s/he is working on improving their haikus from "american style" to its proper self contained 5/7/5 format. i, for one, am excited.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ride Of The Sand People

I was playing around with my scarf the other day and, of course, took a picture of it. It was decided I looked like the sand people from Star Wars. Our friends over at Toronto Bike Chic took notice and declared that a panda shot while looking like a Sand Person would be called a "Sanda".

These are the results of this epic, international story of bicycle, and artistic, inspiration.

Toronto Sanda

San Francisco Sanda

I think I have the edge on this as my hair acts as a full face shield just about all the time.

Happy Friday! Send us your sanda!