Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top gear: London calling

My friend David tipped me on this clip from the awesome guys over at Top Gear (I do love knowing all things mechanics, and all things powerful – yet, not the overuse + lazy abuse of if. I really like this show, they are super corky, get to travel around the world and are entirely drama free. I like it almost as much as I like sportcenter. Yes. I said it.
James, Richard, Jeremy and Stig race across London in car, bike, tube and boat

Well, if you hav 8-9minutes to spare, I highly recommend checking this out. I couldn't link the embedded link, so here are some screenshots, and check out WHO WINS!!!
[BBC] Top Gear: London Calling »


  1. I dont like that Programme orJeremy Clarkson he is too Car Centric and Hates Cyclists and just wants them off the Road so that Car Drivers can go any Speed they want,he said so on numerous occasions.

    David Hammond sometimes rides a Brompton while not on that Show so at least he Cycles part of the time. It is a Petrol Heads show and not a bit interested in the Ecology.Dangerous Toys for little Boys.

  2. Sorry I should have said Richard Hammond.

  3. "Top Gear" has garnered an audience far beyond the "petrol heads" such shows usually target. I'm not much of a car guy, but I watch it faithfully.

    Clarkson has strong opinions, especially about transport not powered by fantastically complex motors with gears and thingamabobs. I don't take too seriously his comments about cyclists, or electric cars, or whatever else has struck him as absurd. He's a dying breed.

    This episode's race across London has much of the usual boys-will-be-boys mojo to it. I have to say, though, that as much as I like riding my bicycle, I think James May had the most pleasant journey across town. The image here of a cyclist dashing through thick, noisy traffic doesn't do much to recommend it.

  4. by now i would assume that most of you know our preferences here (none of us really drive at all) and the mention of 'awesome' would come with a sarcastic tone. however, i appreciate all your opinions on those petrol heads ;-)
    also given that most of the shit they test our or rave about is not available to most of the masses, nor environmentally friendly.

    That said, the point being with this, now, "awesome" proof, is that it is a fact that the bicycle is the quickest way around in busy cities, and most efficient to get from point A to point B on a bike. That is all.

    I also live with two guys "guys" that don't ride bikes at all, so when they saw this clip, it said -meli- all over it, alongside with a taste of "i told you so" from me to them.

    cheers ;-)

  5. That was funny. As much as I love bicycles, if I could arrive at the airport in a boat, I would fly all the time : )

    That London traffic is a nightmare! Why do people participate in that? One of the problems with the high level of adaptability humans posses is that we can adapt to that crap.

  6. I love this clip 'cos it shows that the bike is tops, no contest.

    Yes, it pokes fun at public transport, and yes it makes cycling in London seem far more adrenaline-fueled and scary than it really is, but ultimately the person who ends up looking foolish is the guy in the £50K car who takes forever to get to his destination.

    That said, if I could commute to work on a bright red speed boat I think I would you know ;-)

  7. One comment the clip doesn't show is the episode's wrap-up, in which the presenters declare the car the winner. Why? Just because it's a car! It was tongue in cheek and funny, but the point of the race had already been made by then.