Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time To Hit The Trail

While hiking around on Mt. Diablo I saw this group of teenagers ride up to the trail head. They were with an adult instructor and they were learning the finer points of trail riding. I was impressed because it is no easy feat to get to these trails by bicycle- the road is long and very steep so you have to work just to get there.

Trail Lessons

They could not have picked a better day. Now that the rains have passed everything is green and clean and smells wonderful. What a marvelous way to spend the hours after school! This will have a far greater impact on their futures than the silly homework they will have to do when they are finished. They will have spent time pushing their physical limits, learning how to respect the trail and each other, learning how to take growing confidence and translate it into action and cooperation with others. What a great day!

As they rode off I was envious of their youthful joints as well as their dirt bound adventures!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wheels Are For Everyone

I will let this video speak for itself.

It is time to start seeing the world in a larger and more inclusive way. When we realize there is more than one way to do something, then anything is possible. For everyone!

Found via the SFBC.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Advice Needed

This is my lovely friend, Raphael.

It's All In The Delivery

Raphael is one of my adventurous friends. He is an artist, a teacher, a chef, a comedian and just a really nice friend to have on a rainy night in North Beach. Recently, Raphael packed up and moved to Berlin where he currently resides. Without a bicycle.

Raphael is looking for advice on where to buy a bicycle in Berlin. He is not a German speaker (yet) and because of the cross world move not exactly dripping in money. Raphael would like to buy a used bicycle, but is afraid of ending up with stolen property.

So, who out there in the blogosphere has some ideas to help this fantastic friend of mine out? Where are the good used bicycles in Berlin? What should a 20 year old Gazelle (or something like it) cost? Are you in Berlin and have a bicycle for sale? Raphael will be checking in to see what you all have to say so let's get the advice going!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

Meli insists I own every kind of bicycle there is. I certainly own the bikes at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Hubby the Bikeman is riding his 22lb mid-80's Miyata which has been converted to fixed. We call it the MLF, the Mid-Life Fixie. James points out that he does not call the bike that, but the rest of us do so that is its name.

I am riding La Ballena (The Whale), a 65lb cargo bike with a great big wooden bucket on the front.

La Ballena could crush the MLF. It would be a very unfare fight. Of course, the MLF could easily outrun any threat La Ballena represents. Despite this, they live together in peace in our garage and on the streets of San Francisco.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pieces Of Life

Small statements,

Bits & Pieces

big impact.

Heed The Signs

On the journey of life, we should heed the signs we encounter along the path. They are put there for our own good.

Good Advice

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who's That Lady?

Who is this lovely woman?

Soraya Sighting

That's Soraya. Soraya is the owner of My Dutch Bike (great shop, kick ass woman). MDB is the place to go if you wish to ride in the traditional European style (of course it used to just be the way everyone rode until something strange happened to us in the 1980's).

These two are her lovely husband and son.

Up Front Kid

Looking this happy and comfortable on their bikes, you just know they know something. They know how to be happy on their bicycles. Makes you wanna buy a dutch bike, doesn't it : )

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fad Or Fab?

I was recently asked by a news reporter if I thought cargo bicycles were a fad. I answered that I felt it was more an expression of how utility cycling is evolving as people become more comfortable with leaving the car at home for more and more tasks. But the question left me thinking, when is something a fad and when is it something more? I think it is less about how many people do something and more about how diverse the group is that participates.

Chamakleta y Nación Pedal
photo by Claudio Olivares Medina in Mexico City

If everyone who does "x" looks the same, is the same age, speaks the same language and only copies the last person they saw doing "x", that is a fad. When the people don't all seem the same, if there is variety in type things start to get more interesting and have a better chance of lasting.

bullitt build 6
photo by Slow RPM in Melbourne, Australia

Fads are something that gives fleeting pleasure but quickly become passé and silly. When we start to share these things with the people we love the most to bring us closer together they are no longer frivolous or temporary.

Copying her big sister
photo by baudman in Australia

I can not think of any fad that made my life easier, can you?

Beer Trailer
photo by Greg Raisman in Portland, Oregon

Who is comfortable putting their child in a fad?

4' 7", 90 lb 9-year-old in basket of Onya Front-End Loader
photo by Cold Iron in Alameda, California

Maybe that is the surest clue to this question. Children. Living life in a way that teaches our children what we feel is important is not a fad, it is life.

popemobile bike amsterdam 2
photo by henry in a'dam in Holland.

For myself, cargo bicycles are not a fad, not at all. They are the answer to what had become an increasing problem for me- how to live my life the way I want to. That there are so many options entering the market around the world is simply proof that there are many people in the world who have the same needs and aspirations that I do.

Damn, They're Heavy!

Just because it is fun does not mean it is frivolous. For those who are choosing these bicycles, it isn't because the neighbor has one. How about you? Do you think cargo bicycles are a fad?

It's All Covered

In other parts of the world that aren't San Francisco (what? There are other places?) it is not unusual to come out to find someone has left you a little present. Seat covers as leaflets area common objects.

People for Bicycles, Malmö
photo by Lüca Pradella

This is a phenomenon that is beginning to be seen here in San Francisco.

Family Covered

After seeing a few of these in the Mission the other morning, I was surprised to see them all over the waterfront. Any bicycle that was stationary when the crew came through was given the treatment.


The red, nylon covers were produced and distributed by Timbuk2, a San Francisco based messenger bag company (they make lots of things, but the they started with, and are best known for their messenger bags). The bearer of the seat cover was entitled to a 20% discount on the purchase of a new bag.

No One Was Safe

It was funny to see so many bikes with red seats. Advertising that provides a service is pretty cool. So many people I meet wish they had seat covers, and now, many of them do!

Friday, March 18, 2011


When we left the house on Sunday, there was only a 10 chance of rain. This didn't seem too bad to me, and looking out the window from my apartment I saw nothing rainish. So we got the kids out of the house (this takes a lot more effort now that 2 of them are teenagers), and decided to ride out to get some lunch.

Of course, as soon as we started eating, it started raining. The only person who was even a little ready was James, as he had a rain jacket. The rest of us were less then optimally prepared- we were all wearing cotton sweatshirts and other super absorbent, minimally insulating clothing. I usually carry a rain kit this time of year- my ugly-yet-highly-effective rain poncho and a fold up umbrella and a seat cover. Of these, I had my seat cover and an umbrella. The bike got the seat cover and the youngest monster got the umbrella.

High Tech Rain Protection

Ah well. The sacrifices we make for our children. It wasn't until we had gone several miles and I was soaked that James remembered he had put my ugly-yet-highly-effective rain poncho in the Whale's trunk! Grrrrr.

Obviously, I managed to survive the ordeal.


These pictures were shared by Yohey Hayama in our Flickr group. It is our sincere hope that one day, all of Japan will be able to regain the feeling of these shots.




Way back when, Queen sang what I am thinking now-

Teo torriatte konomama iko
Aisuruhito yo
Shizukana yoi ni
Hikario tomoshi
Itoshiki oshieo idaki

Let us cling together as the years go by
Oh my love my love
In the quiet of the night
Let our candle always burn
Let us never lose the lessons we have learned

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rapha Rides for Japan

a dear friend of mine's hometown is the city of sendai in the miyagi prefecture. miyagi is one area hit hard by the japan earthquake and resulting tsunami.

on my RSS feed today i read that Rapha is doing "Rapha Rides for Tohoku," (the region of which miyagi belongs) and that there is a San Francisco/Marin area ride: 3/20, 8am. Two meetup points: one at base of Golden Gate Bridge, the other at Studio Velo in Marin.

these charity rides are being held around the world. check here for somewhere near you.

via urban velo, image from rapha

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i've got a case of the baskets

i love my basket. most people i know who have them do as well. here's some i've seen over town the past couple of months.

LEFT reflective basket
milk crates TOTES count as baskets. this one was on her way to work.

basket weave
friday night lights

theetah basket
owner of this basket really likes the theater enough to leave bike outside while watching an awesome play unfold inside. (it seriously was one of the best plays i've seen, if it comes your way, please go and catch a performance.)

two baskets, polar opposites
these baskets work 9 to 5. tryin' hard to make a livin'

parking buddy
these two little things somehow found each other

and finally, sometimes basket owners are drawn to each other and produce smiles while sharing the bike cozy love
basket notes

aww. how happy has your basket made you today?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


change your life, ride a trike.

someone close to the blog sent us this article from the latimes about what is quickly becoming my favorite city to hear about bikey things lately: long beach.

the story is about 103 year-old,octavio orduño, who sounds like a likable, if stubborn, elderly man with a daily habit he just can't leave behind...riding his tricycle. he only got it a few years ago when he couldn't balance as well anymore on the 2-wheeled variety we tend to talk about here on the blog.

he's all smiles in the picture with his coke-bottled glasses weighing rather heavily on his nose. check it out here.

yay octavio! you have some fans up here in norcal homie. keep riding, ey?

(oh, also, you'll notice that the long beach bikey coordinator type person is from texas. kthxxxxbai.)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What I Saw This Weekend

It never ceases to amaze me what I see when I am out riding. Keeping track of all the things that happen in San Francisco every weekend is beyond me. Being clueless about the City's social calender has its benefits, though. We are constantly bumping into all sorts of fun things. This weekend it was the St. Patrick's Day Parade, a huge San Francisco tradition that has managed to not become a huge commercial disaster.


Market St. was closed to car traffic but bicycles were free to come in and out. The St. Patrick's Parade is very open and there are no barriers between the parade and the crowd so you can get right up close to it.

Pass Through

I would never have gone and watched the whole parade. They usually go on for too long, but falling into it for a few minutes on the way to the Farmer's Market was a lovely treat!


While there may have been enough noise and colour and happy children to wake the dead,

Look At Me

Declan could not be bothered to wake up for any of it!

Sleeping Through A Parade

No green beer or corned beef this day, but a quick dip into the fun side of San Francisco's long standing Irish community. We would never have had this opportunity in our car, we would never have got within a country mile of it!

See your city, ride a bike!

Small Details

Small reflections of life.


They make things so much more interesting to look at.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tweed Street

A street with a bicycle is a well tailored street, indeed!

Little Red Riding Coat

The weekend is upon us. Count your blessings and ride your bicycles.

Bikey Bay Area Weekend Calendar

East Bay Bike Party: Lucky Charms Ride
Starts at Ye Olde Hut (near Rockridge BART)
route map is on link above.

Fundraiser for AidsLifecycle. Support the biciclistas for "sun and fun in the mission" who are "riding to end AIDS!" It's being held at Mission Workshop. Check out their flier here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

foremothers, or, "it's us 70 years ago"

well, being that i don't have any caucasian female ancestors that rode bikes (at least, that i know of), i'll still claim them as my foremothers. how can i not? this picture is pretty badasse.

approximately 70 years (give or take a decade) later, another lady bike posse gathers on the eve of a new year. and they document their legs.

Bikes. It does a body good.

happy women's history month y'all!

via lmg(if anyone knows the source of this pic, please share!!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Old Town, Shanghai

Recently, a friend of the blog went to Shanghai to visit a friend. He likes riding bikes here, so naturally, it seems, he wanted to ride while abroad. His friend took a video of them riding. Take notice of the road...looks smooth as butta baby, and for quite some time.

Thanks for sharing.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Yellow Shoe

My yellow shoe on a Metrofiets-

Cargo Shoe

My yellow shoe on a Cetma-

Cetma Cargo Panda

A gratuitous shot of my cat, Dottie.

I Can Haz Love

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The World Is A Small Place

Is it me or is San Francisco starting to look a little Euro these days?

Electric, Fixed, Phat

I wonder if there are any bicycles in the Ferry port?

June Cleaver Rides A Metrofiets

Just add four kids in the bucket and a giant plastic shopping bag full of linens and this could be Holland.

Little Black Dress

A little influence de Spain.


Go Dutch!

But then again, San Francisco can never be that much anything else. At any point our way of being just has to bust out!

Blowing Kisses


Game Time

I Trike Oakland

OK. The last one is Oakland, but you get the picture.

Fact is, we are all feeding on each other these days. We are all watching each other to see what the possibilities are. Cycling is a truly international undertaking. I have to admit, I like it!