Friday, August 23, 2013

friday fun times: red bike and green's tour & las ovas

so in my not so much anymore spare time, i've been keeping up with the amazing trip going on in the east coast right now. it's led by red bike and green and they are traveling from dc to brooklyn's afropunk festival. as they put it, it does sound like the experience of a lifetime.

image is from red bike and green's fb page. check out for more pics. they are beautiful! here's a quick video they made for people living in brooklyn to join them on their last leg to the show!

RBG Bike Tour > DC to AfroPunk 8/24 @ Dixon's Bicycle Shop from eli•zah on Vimeo.

also, clitoral mass is happening again in LA this saturday. those ovas are something else. LOVE THEIR COMMUNITY BUILDING! here's their bikey check list.

have a fun bikey time peeps! i'll be parking at the america's cup. come say hi.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Arthursday: Ben Javens - bici illustrations

How adorable are these? Love finding simple, joyful prints around the internets.
The work is by Ben Javens, a professional illustrator based in England.
So cute!

Found via ShareSomeCandy
Ben's website: