Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How far is far.

How far is your commute to work? your happy hour or dinner outside your neighborhood? your trip to get groceries? your ride to go meet with freinds? The other day heading to work I was thinking that I would do all of these in one day. Do you?
I dont live in the central part of the city. Neither does Adrienne. We pride ourselves in living in opposite ends of the city and so when we all meet, we head near where Melyssa lives, kind of. So all 3 of us - at any given day, we at least ride 8-9 miles, easy.
Anyone that tells us that Laurel heights, the Marina, Glen Park or Sea Cliff is far - we just look at them and wink at each other.

This is a picture of Lombard street (yes that curvy postcard shot) that tourist destination sits behind me, and past a (guess!?) steep hill. On the other side, looking westbound lies this. Not a bike friendly street, but a pretty sight. To head towards the fog, you can ride on north point/francisco or on greenwich. Both have bike lanes and are very traffic-quiet.

Say hello to our little fog.


  1. I would think that depends on how long it takes to find coffee : )

  2. gaaaaah - my first ghost post!!
    +yes, coffee would be crucial :D

    picture should be up now!!!
    je jeee....

  3. I ride about 4.5-5 miles each way to work, but aside from that, we have groceries, farmers markets, restaurants, theaters, garden store, hardware store, parks, etc all within a mile or so from our apartment, so we really don't go very far when we're not working.

    But we are working every weekday, so it's not unusual for me to ride up to 15 miles in a day, if I have other errands or things to do after work.

    It *never* takes long to find coffee here. I could find a shop within about a quarter mile of any given point on my daily routes, I bet :)

  4. or how far away it is from BEER:30.


  5. hey dave, ok you keep that in mind when I visit portland, i'll need you as my every 1.25mile coffee coach. when in emergency (meaning no cafes within 3 miles) ade has sprun into the rescue with her mighty thermos jee :D
    thanks for sharing, 15 mi. is quite some distance! I like it

    ctx/ anchorsittas, 3xMPV y beer:30 def. top priorities in this distance issues. je jee