Thursday, December 31, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: end of the decade, edition

hi guys!

1. man on bike at church and 14th. he thanked me for stopping and riding "civilly." he says i'm a good example of how people should ride. all because i stopped at a stop sign. hmm. interesting. anyway, he did express that 2010 should be the year we all ride bikes. right on! or ride on as the case may be.

2. rain! oh hai, i haven't missed you at all.

3. best buy's new(ish?) bike parking! 4 racks. huge space in between the racks for all you cargo bikers out there. meli has a post regarding this very store and how they didn't have bike parking. perhaps best buy's big brother read it?

Best buy bike parking lot.

4. this strange old man baby wishing us a happy 2010!

Creepy baby 2010

creeeeepy. but that's my neighborhood y'all!

have a happy and very safe new year's celebratory weekend. if you ride your bikes, please, um, be responsible and stuff. hugs & love for a great end to the first decade of the new century.

A Year in (Brief) Review

Shall I wax poetic over the past year? This year brought me wonderful people and opportunities and challenges to learn and grow from.

Meligrosa (8/365)

This is the first picture I took of Meli on March 12th. This was the first time we met in person.

This is a picture taken of us the day we came up with this blog, April 24th.

This is the first day of the blog, May 4th.

Above It All (51/365)

This is the first picture in the Flickr group. Not sure what the date was.

Caryl's first shot was featured on May 26th, and her first post as a regular contributor is here.


This was the first time we met in person. Caryl is also contributing over at Los Angeles Cycle Chic.

Cali Girl

Cali jumped on board November 15th. She wouldn't stop sending us stuff so we gave her her own publishing button.

There are a lot of stories that go with these pictures. Way more than I can type. There is no way to express just how amazed I am that anyone reads this blog. Every time someone sends us a story about how bicycling effects their lives I am humbled that they chose to send their story to us.

The blog is named "Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!", but it is the people that change things. The bikes just give us the common ground we need to join together. I am so happy that this common ground brought these amazing women into my life. I am thrilled to have all of you out there as part of the adventure, too!

Ride on into the new year! Do it together. Send us the pictures! Happy New Year!!!!


City, bicycle, youth – Cheers to a beautiful future.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

Best first ride ever.

Ready for your Monday dose of awesomeness?!?!
I love mythbusters. Who doesn't? and this is AWESOME.

I met Adam for a new york minute after a bike ride on Mission street earlier this year, I tell you if you live in the city, sooner or later people end up running into each other. No exceptions.
street busting
He is rad.
Mythbusters, unicycles, golden gate bridge and our beloved city = RAD.

Vauban, Berlin.

Vaubam in Berlin, I had no idea. Is your city, here in the states or around the world, taking a stand for change?
Here is an interesting link my friend Brian sent in.
Let's keep on riding!! «image from»
via Brian M: Car-free cities: an idea with legs

Sunday, December 27, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: austin, super short bike hack, edition

i saw this from a car, but there is a bike lane right in front of it, so that counts, right?

Mailbox bike hack

mailbox bike hack. with lock, and everything. future CYLRAB headquarters. or perhaps our texas satellite office.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Stoker

Big Enough To Be The Stoker

Declan has joined the ranks of the regular street pedalers. After much debate between Hubby & I over whether or not the boy was actually big enough to fit on the trailer, we decided to give it a try. It is a an oooold model with no quick release that is a bitch to get on and off the bike, but it works! Declan got to pedal all the way to his Grandparent's home.

Happy Night Rider

His reaction to his new mode of transportation was positive.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

One Last Christmas Post

The O'Chan Christmas Card Picture

Happy Christmas from the O'Chan Clan!

Santa Sighting!

Christmas is here! Bring on the cheer! And if Christmas ain't your thing then Happy Chriskwanzikkah!! Either way, our friend Richard over at Suburban Assault who is a great friend to this blog and an all around fantastic guy sent these shots into the Flickr group and I just have to share some of them! We are like that around here- we loooooove to share!!!

Santa's Helpers

Santa's Helper (he needed a jump start and her vision of va-va-voom was just the trick)


Random Guy- I hear Santa is hiring. What's the health care like?

Elf- Not too bad. Better than Congress and we get all the candy canes and neon pants we want!


What do you mean, "Where's my gift?" I am your gift, baby : )

Ho Ho Ho

Hee Hee Hee!

Lounge Santa

Those are "Santa Hangers" to you. Unless you want coal in your stocking!

Santa Panda

The man himself, leading what will become known as the "Charge of the Santa Brigade!" Suburbia will never be the same again!

scenes from the bikey lane: happy holidays edition

this past sunday, the san francisco bike coalition held its 6th annual christmas lights ride. it started off at around 6:30pm and we rode all over the city looking at houses that really go all out with their light decorations. we rode to christmas tunes, sang some of our own made up holiday songs, and, of course, were very very merry.

after having lived on the east coast for so long, it doesn't feel like christmas to me unless it's 30 degrees F. however, this ride helped me get into the holiday spirit. new friends 2.0, old friends, new bikes, old bikes, spirits and snacks, and lots and lots of lights for all!

"merry christmas asshole! :)" -- to a car that insisted on honking often and loudly at the 100 or so bikers around us.

"we're, like, the happiest gang ever."


"fa la la la la, ga ga ga gaaaah"


[singing with carolers to various tunes]



"nice sf tie"

"our rudolph's nose went out!!"

(and i'm not joking about how often i heard those "wheee"s either)


a wise man with a yarn beard once said...

A wise man

(all of the following photos by Volker Neumann)

christmas lights panda!

it's a very meli christmas.

wheeee! (see, i really wasn't kidding about that)

christmas lights limbo!

snack time. finito. spirits and smiles all around.

despite the light rain, & a man down (sad face), it was really fun. good times :)

please share your bikey holiday lights stories. i've seen some pics on flickr already. GO!

happy holidays everyone!

Holiday Lights Bike Ride by Dan

This accompanies the holiday spirit that we had this past Sunday for the Xmas Night bike ride.
— to go well with Calitexi's post above.
The turnout doubled from last year :D
Made by Dan - Super awesomeness!

♥With San Francisco, with Love - Merry happy holidaysssss!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cameron As Pickup Truck

When Hubby the Bike Man and I decided to purchase a cargo bike we decided we wanted one that could be used by either of us or our oldest son, Cameron. Cameron is 15, 6'3" and quite strong. Now was the time to learn how to ride a loaded long tail. For a variety of reasons, Cameron will not be getting his driver's license next year, nor will he be getting a car for college (even though when I bought my car new in 1999 it was with the thought of passing it to him when he was old enough). Instead, when Cameron goes to college in 2 years he will get to choose what type of bicycle he would like to have, including a cargo bike if that is his preference.

Here is what Cameron had to say about his first Xtracycle hauling job : )

Today was something different. Instead of riding my usual Rockhopper, I learned how to ride the Xtracycle, otherwise known as the F.U.B. We use it all the time for shopping trips or to carry Declan. It was a Salvation Army trip today. Compared to what my dad pulls, that's nothing, but it was my first haul. Here I am pretending to feel a sense of accomplishment (that came later).

Cameron As Pick Up Truck

At this point, we were entering the Mission District. You ALWAYS have a car on your left, and the F.U.B. is a bit wider than your general bike when it is loaded up with cargo. Compared to my Rockhopper and my touring bike, the F.U.B. is too wide. I was a little paranoid about stuff falling off, or clipping a parked car, or getting clipped by a driver. Otherwise, the cargo makes downward slopes easier, and makes headwinds a complete pain, or so I'm told. The headwinds we faced were after taking off the cargo.

Donation Run

The balance is also a little weird.

Now we're on Valencia Street. As you probably know, it's flat here. Still a false sense of accomplishment, but I was getting more comfortable. The highlight of this stretch was Úna's comment and the ensuing conversation. I quote from a mostly accurate although very possibly askew memory of said conversation:

"Cameron, that seat makes your butt look big," says Úna.
"Úna, the only person whose butt doesn't look big on that seat is your father's," replies my mom.

It's true. My dad is pretty skinny. Very skinny. Bone thin. But anyways, what's your opinion: Does the seat make my butt, or anyone else's for that matter, look big? I guess that's just retribution for not having to pay for gas.

Learning How To Haul

The fact that Xtracycle is pretty much a pickup truck on its own, I guess is part of why I'll never need a driver's license:

A bike works just as well.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Someone read my mind.

And his name is Volker.
This past Sunday, we rode for the annual Christmas ride (which we will sometime later, get around to share some pics) and on our way to grab late nite pizza in the lower haight, we came across this bike and I thought wow, look at that.
Not that I have a super fancy camera, but ideas are and have always been there. My camera was buried in layers and jackets and water and bag in my basket. I'll shut up and let you enjoy, what Volker captured, exactly how I had imagined it ;-)

re:Chain by prawnpie

scenes from the bikey lane: austin, I'M HOME, edition.

in case you haven't guessed by the title of this post, i'm home in texas right now. yay.

i was a chauffeur for the mama texican earlier today (no u-lock required), and rather than going home, i went around downtown austin. it has changed a lot. i forgot some places i used to know, i forgot how to get to certain places, i forgot that i forget things.

but i didn't forget about the bikey time that i wanted to squeeze in. so, after getting a little turned around, i went to mellow johnny's because it is a few blocks away from the mama texican's workey times place.

i got some coffee and then cruised around the bike store.

Eddy y Juan

Scuba steve goes wheee!

Juanny's lowrider

i helped a(n admittedly clueless) guy buy a shirt for his sister, looked at clothes & bikey art, and looked at rows and rows of bikes.

as you may know from reading this blog...we over here have a weakness for mixtes.

Masi mixte

"a powder blue 8 speed masi mixte soulville? i need to get on this bike right now," i thought to myself.

so i did. and this is what i saw:

Masi mixte panda

Ground zero

Guitars y (no) Cadillacs

Bridge. Bici.

Here we go yo.

2 wheeled 4 runner.

if you have/had to travel far during the holiday season, did/do you incorporate your bike love into your trip? for example, besides my test ride of that delicious mixte, i am planning on going back and renting a bike from MJ's and teaching one of my cousins (who is 15!!) how to ride a bike. i also got another cousin talking about bikes, so i plan on visiting his bikey soon. i hear it has an old school iron child's seat on it.

please let us know in the comments :)

Tuesday Injection of Fun: He rides the line

you can't do this (safely) just anywhere*
you can't do this (safely) just anywhere* by real plastic trees

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lee 2G

Another contribution from one of you out there in the world! It's like getting an early Christmas present. Or a late Hanukkah gift, your choice : ) Lee is one of the folks out there in the San Francisco Bay Area that rides all the way from SF to Cupertino (38 miles, one way!) at least once a week. I love how this group has turned a bicycle commute into a way to socialize and encourage one another! Would you commute by bicycle more if you had people to ride with?

"I met the SF2G gang at last year's Bike-to-Work Day, where they
traditionally assemble large rides out of San Francisco down to
various workplaces along the peninsula. Although I was a little
anxious, I found them to be friendly, encouraging, and enthusiastic
cyclists, some of them advanced, and some the everyday-type, spinning
along like the rest of us. I learned that these rides occur just about
every working day. Some of the rides may be faster paced than others.
But, the group usually hosts a pleasantly paced, super-social ride at
least one Friday a month. After my bike-to-work experience, I started
participating in their morning bike commute rides more often. And,
after learning the routes, going on them myself or often, with other

There are a number of reasons why I bike the 40-plus miles to work on
some mornings. Some reasons are easy to understand, like the feeling
you get from the fresh air and the exertion, having your workday start
with you in a good mood, getting to see the Bay Area in a way you
wouldn't normally, and so on. But overall, I think for me it's simply
just about the adventure and the spirit of camaraderie that that
adventure can bring out in you and the people riding next to you."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tricycles Are Better Than Cars.

It may be a car factory, but even the car manufacturers have to use human powered transportation to get around.

Really large factories use tricycles to get around the factory. Why? 'Cause it's the best way!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cycling for the belly, thoughts and food for the mind.

The bicycle is a machine of freedom, a machine of work, a machine of global connectivity, a machine that weaves through all social classes and demographics. This video takes us a step back to remind us of the universal multiple views of this utilitarian tool. ♥Thanks Christa for sharing this link with us all!
Some Cycle as Passion, Some for fun, Some for Sports, Some to Commute & Some because they don't have any other alternative. They need to push it hard empty Stomach & do peddling for there family's Stomach. They are people around us, serving us for different services, directly or indirectly using Cycle. They are never considered as environment friendly even they never burnt a single drop of petrol/ diesel to commute. They are Part of our cycling community. Cycling is Hobby of Rich & Art of Poor. The tough art, they need to perform always, sometime under encroaching sun, heavy rain & chilling cold only on Cycle. Lets meet People for whom Cycling is a Weapon for Struggle of life. -YouTube user pankajsisodiya

Friday, December 18, 2009

One Block At A Time

San Francisco just got its first separated bike lane. It is on Market Street. It is one block long. When first I heard of it, I was terribly unimpressed. A single block. Meh. Then I saw that it was put on one of the stretches that bothers the crap out of me every time I ride on it- it is a stretch that always has mail vans and UPS trucks double parked in it! Hah! Double park on that!

So while I want more, at least we get this for now!

One Block

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Foreign Film

this without subtitles : ) Just a little something for everyone to chew on. I want to see the right turn street level lights used here in San Francisco.

addendum- A SF Streetsblog interview with Mikael

Make A Difference

Does it come as an great surprise that the "leaders" of the world can not get it together to keep us all from killing ourselves? Just because they all decided to go to Copenhagen for a conference does not mean they went with any intention of actually doing anything.

I am quite sure that this woman's concern is genuine, I am just not sure it is concern about how to actually effect change in her country.

The problem is not politicians. They are just people we put in power so we don't have to think about anything. The problem is us. We allow ourselves to get overwhelmed by the problems of the world and then decide to do nothing because nothing we do can make a difference.

Wrong! Wrong thinking, wrong rationalizing. The biggest thing each of us can do is to not contribute to the problem. Every time we chose to do something for ourselves instead of taking the easy way out, we stop contributing to the problem.

yellow jacket
image by Cycleicious

Every time we reach out and blog about our world and what we see in it, we stop contributing to the problem. By increasing the knowledge and making connections we strengthen our ability to make things better.

Chain mixte party.
image by Meligrosa

Every time we decide to make something with our own hands we stop contributing to the problem. When we tap our own creativity and potential we realize we do not need as much as we thought. We find we are more than we thought we were.

Copenhagen Bicycle Traffic in Rush Hour
image courtesy of Mikael

When we know our history we stop contributing to the problem. We see that the answers have always been there if we had just bothered to pay attention. When we look to our past and accept all it has to offer us, good and bad, we can move on with doing the right thing now.

here we are now
another Meli pic

When we celebrate what we do we stop contributing to the problem. When we stop long enough to see and appreciate what we have done so far it gives us the energy to keep going.

Christmas Tree Hauling by Bike-- Family Shot
image by Full Hands

When we teach our children to live more lightly on the planet we stop contributing to the problem. What we teach them now will determine how they live for the rest of their lives. Do we teach them helplessness or do we teach them self sufficiency? Do we teach them fear or how to love the world they live in?

never too close for comfort
photo by Ramona

Will we learn to share the road? Not just with bicycles and cars, but with each other? Will we learn that all of us live on the Earth and that we are all equal in the eyes of the Universe? When we do we will stop contributing to the problem.

The Road
image by Lee Sie

When we see the horizon is long and the sky is blue and the road is open we stop contributing to the problem. Loving the world for what is is the first step to no longer being a part of the problem.

Don't wait for politicians to do the right thing. Ride your bike. It really does make a difference. Every time you do it.