Monday, August 31, 2009

Grease, lipstick and bikes

We do ride in pretty dresses, you can count on us to have sunblock around, and one of the things you can assure that we will not mind, is getting our hands dirty. Saw these two images within the same hour, and I can highly relate to it, I know we all can.

I don't have the skills (or maybe patience) to take any pictures when my hands have been greasy. My bicycle -The frenchie- has taken sometime to be at the place she is now, and it took me a long patience pushing-period at first to get her rolling smoothly (stripped rear quick release anyone?! disaster)

We, as self-propelled people are also self-sufficient in many aspects. Okay, bike mechanics are needed sometimes - right.... The sense of getting things done, whatever getting your hands in the dirt means to you, fixing things will always be empowering. /♥xo.meligrosa

Mechanic's hands by busbozo

via supplementalstudios

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Bicycle

I saw this over at my friend Eric's site, "Classic Lightweight Bikes & Rides". All I could think while watching it, other than the stylist obviously wasn't thinking about helmets when he did everyone's hair, was- and the French think American's are odd?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Black & White Saturday

check their cool SHOES/ kicks!!

happy saturday! ^_^

TGIF!! babes, bikes and baskets

From the third member of the "Mixte Girl Posse" (or something like that), Melyssa.
*All pictures by either Adrienne or meligrosa. Each links, so help yourself -

"i am a creature of habit. i have a schedule that leaves room for improvisation, but in a structured (to me at least) way. i tend to go to the same places, see the same people, do the same things.

but, i am also rather curious about trying out new things. i just need a nudge now and then to remind myself that, for example, sf has places i've never been to...exotic places like north beach.

kidding, i've been to north beach before, but it was usually for a school networking function, to take people from out of town or just passing through during critical mass. i hadn't spent too much time in north beach because before i became a bikey person, i took MUNI, and it was a pain in the you-know-what to get there from where i lived. as a result i never really got acquainted with this neighborhood.

recently i joined the lovely creators of this blog for a mixte lady's night out, and north beach was the chosen destination.

having never been to north beach on my own by bike, i was excited to go and grab a few drinks at a nice fun spot that i haven't been to before. and yeah, since this part of the city is not really mapped out in my head (and i forgot my trusty bike map), i had to think of a way to get there. i took a very roundabout route, and finally managed to meet up with meli and a few minutes later AJ came strolling by.

we were quite the sight as we made our way around the neighborhood. we all had our older mixte bikes, which in turn all have baskets. it was a night of babes, bikes, brewskies, bags and baskets. so much fun, and definitely worth a repeat trip. we parked in motorcycle spaces, rode through the stockton tunnel, took pics outside a visually stunning window display, and rode three apiece on market street before i rolled over some glass, made a joke about it, then BOOM--got a flat tire.

that is the sort of night that i could add to my list of habitual things that this mely likes to do. minus the flat tire, of course.

until next time my fellow-ray-ban-wearing, mixte-loving-partners in bike riding...have a great weekend everybody!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Iam Sterdam

"Iam Sterdam" is the Flickr name of one of our group members. Much to my surprise, I was proved to be a chauvinist! Having assumed I was looking at the pictures of a man, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that this wonderful street photographer is a woman named Marjon. Marjon lives just outside the city of Amsterdam and heads into town each week to capture the flavor of the city. I love her bicycle pictures- they all have a bit of humor and lovely timing.

Mostly, what I love is that these beautiful pictures do not look impossible. Any of these scenes could be found here in the U.S. The only difference, really, between the United States and Amsterdam is will. Do we have the will to work for streets that are this colourful, this comfortable, this fun?

Make sure to check out Marjon's wonderful photography and what's on offer over at the Flickr group! There is plenty there to give you something to think about!


Too Late...

Waiting For The Next One


Kitsch Kitchen

On A Bike (what is he carrying?)

Skateboarding In Amsterdam

Crossing. Cruising. Chillaxing.

happy thursday!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Further Adventures Of Declan

Today's installment of Declan's life on the back of a bike- harmonica playing! Declan has decided, for now, to be a "Blues Man". Today, I was serenaded whenever I got tired toiling up the hills. Not a bad way to ride along on errand day : ) I will try to be a better camera person, next time!

Going To Carlolina On My Bike

Have I ever said how much I love it when people send in their stories? 'Cause I really do! Every time we share our stories, someone gets something out of them and it spurs them on to try something new. Today's installment- Laura. Laura lives in Cary, North Carolina and is trying to figure out the whole bike to work dance. She writes about it at "Adventures In Bike Commuting" where she describes herself as a "Spunky 30-something who just got back on a bike last summer for the first time since age 15, fell in love with it, intend to make it my daily commuter to work in Cary, NC. Can I do it?". I love this story because it shows that it isn't just people in big urban centers that are looking for a new way to live. Bike commuting is something that can fit into suburban life, too. Sometimes you just have to work a little harder at it!

Here's some pics from my recent practice of my commuting route. I am building yp to be able to make the 10.5 mile trip to work through Cary, NC. Just gotta work out a few equipment issues now. Contemplating biking to work has made me explore the suburbs I live in and it's been amazing. I doubt I would have ever known about the dragon at Kids Together Park if I hadn't been looking for the greenway entrace to get me to the Hwy 64 pedestrian bridge.

Good luck, Laura! Just remember what the motorcyclists say- Rubber side down!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Flat Again!!!!

After many, many, many years of no flats, I have had my third!

I have the bike flu virus!

This time, I was lucky. Hubby the Bike Man was with me. James is my pit crew, I.T. department and personal barista, which is lucky for me!

Quick release

Temporary unicycle

After searching the tire and the tube, the tiny hole was found. I wonder what took my Kevlar reinforced tire out, this time? It was small, and quite sharp, and if I find it, I will grind it into dust!

It may have been small, but it had to be fixed.

I love watching James work. He is quite meticulous and careful in everything he does. I especially like watching his hands.


As I watched the farmer's market world go by,

James noted the need for his tire pump to be lubed : )


Soon, my wheel was back in place, and I could stop looking like this

It is good to bring one's pit crew with them. Even better to marry them! You should think about it : )

Ride on, my friends! Try not to ride on glass- unless you happen to have my Hubby the Bike Man with you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bikes, some sun y lunch with Dee

Dee and I connected at work by being chatterboxes. While chatting, she told me how taking her bike to work has changed the way she feels mid-work, enhances her mood and introducces her to new places and biking friends. We had some ground in common and now we go to lunch together whenever we get a chance. Our bikes both have baskets and we have tons of fun, even if the trip to lunch seems so short.

Food makes the belly happy. Biking to lunch with friends, makes me happy.

Lunch official cycling shoes.

Full parking. Basket invasion

Lunch panda
Lunch panda.

hola cutie!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Black & White Saturday

P E A C E!
one happy rider

lovely hair, lovely day~

what's in the bag homeskillet?!

rest stop. family bonding.

have a nice weekend!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Travel & Friendship- The Thom Chronicles

Way back in May we introduced you to Thom Bahde of "Old Bike Blog" (I can't believe this blog has only been up for four months!) . OBB is at the top of my list of favorite bike blogs. It isn't political or polemical, it is simply, in my opinion, a blog about a wonderful way to discover just what we are each capable of if we roll up our sleeves and give it a try. Through reading OBB, I decided to rebuild an early 60's model Columbia Roadster for my daughter which, other than being a total blast, was a great way to get into the garage with my compulsive bike building husband!

Blue the Columbia Roadster

Over the last several months, Thom and I have participated in a few online discussions together and have discovered some compatible views that have made for some excellent idea exchanges. When James and I decided to head south for our much overdue childless vacation, we decided to head to San Diego. Having the opportunity to possibly meet up with Thom played a large part in the decision!

Thom & His Huffy

After phone directions that culminated in "turn left when you see the construction" which I interpreted as "left at the hard hats and plumber's crack", we arrived at Thom's home. After a quick glass of water, we decided to jump on the beasts and take a ride. It was especially cool to hit the road as the combined age of our three bikes was 110!!

Thom Leads The Way

Thom had a route for us that would show us some parts of San Diego we would never see otherwise. I could never replicate the ride we took as there is a lot of going around hills in North Park- I thought I had it rough in SF, but this was a challenge! Thom wanted to show us some interesting bridges near his home, and I love bridges, so I was chuffed to get there.


I have a real hate/hate relationship with stairs. As they are unavoidable in life, I try not to give them much thought. When cycling, I usually avoid them. This was not to be on this ride, so instead of moaning about it, I was simply greatfull that I had brought the new mixte and not my 60 lb Dutch monster!

Over Hill, Over Dale

After the stairs at the first bridge, we designated ourselves as authorized vehicles and barreled down a huge hill to come up a huge hill...

Indiana Jones Bridge! No Arrows, Though.

to end up on this amazing trestle bridge! (More stairs, first : )

Balboa Park BikebyPanda

We took a quick tour through Balboa Park, where culture ran rampant.

Bolliwood Nutcracker Suite

We headed to the velodrome, me with hopes of a slow bike race, where we found a group of kids learning how to track race (more on that in a later post).

That's Dave Grylls in there. Google him!

We ended our day with Chicago style pizza,

Super high on the "awesome scale"

and decided to meet for coffee the next day where much wonderful conversation was to be had.

James and I had such a wonderful time meeting Thom! If we were not convinced that bicycles have the power to unite before this, we are certainly convinced now!