Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mean People Suck

I hate the bumper sticker, but it applies here.

Someone Really Sucks

KidzTandems builds bikes like this. They ain't cheep and in situations like this are priceless. Children with disabilities, all children really, make amazing progress toward independence when they are given the tools that allow them to participate in everyday activities. Any person is only as "disabled" as we force them to be.

Riding Is For Everyone

With the right tools, anyone can succeed. So if you live in the SF Bay Area, keep your eyes open for this bicycle! Let's get this girl back in the saddle!

And stupid, bald guy, if you are reading this, you suck. If someone out there is reading this and knows stupid, bald guy please let him know how much he sucks and tell him to bring that bike back! Right now!

UPDATE- It has been found!!


  1. They found the bike the other day, but they are still looking for stupid guy!

  2. I seen this a while ago on Facebook on their Site,this was very mean Spirited of this Person to Steal it.

    It is absolutely no use to anybody else because it sticks out like a Sore Thumb and is instantly recognisable. That is why it was found so quick,he had to Dump it.

    I hope they catch him and put him in the Clink for a few Months.

  3. I needed some good news today. I'm so happy to hear that her bike was found.

  4. l'homme- it kills me that you saw that very local story all the way in Ireland! Did you keep your eyes open for the bike? :)

  5. was really nice to read in the news that it was found. :D

  6. Adrienne the World is a small place because of the Internet. I picked this up by Accident when there was a piece about this Bike Organisation and I looked at the Story about the Stolen Bike.

    Over here we have our National Bike Week beginning on the 13th June to the 20th June and you can have a look at some of the things that are happening here www.

  7. I'm happy to hear the girl got her bike back.