Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why Today?

Why do you ride a bicycle? That is a pretty common question, and there are a lot of answers that you can give. I suspect that in most cases, the reasons change pretty frequently. They do for me.

I like to watch people.


Meet Up

I like to do things on my bicycle that others need minivans for.

Riding On Sunflowers

Fancy Luggage

The Bat and the Burley

I like spending time with my family doing something purposeful and fun.

Kwik & Convenient

Today, though, I ride because the Gulf of Mexico is being chocked to death. I ride because there are whole swaths of the ocean that have no oxygen. I ride to try to change my own life so that I am not contributing any more than necessary to the disaster that oil and power and corruption and greed and ignorance and apathy have in killing the Gulf.

Why do you ride today?


  1. I ride today because I'm picking up my new bike from the shop! (Maybe another day I will have a deeper reason, but right now I can't think beyond this shiny new bike waiting for me.)

  2. the fog is the best AM moistermaster and I get to talk to all the old people crossing polk street when almost no one my age is up. that is like 1/23492847294732894zillion reasons.

  3. Hard to pin it down for a few reason. Maybe I ride because whenever I do it is the most sensible choice of transport I could come up with (which also implies, that I don't use the bike for _everything).

  4. love your reason to ride a bicycle.

    we should give other people inspiration to ride a bicycle and more concern to a global issue like oil spill... it's really mess up!

    we're all still breathing while other creatures deep down in water try to scream their right!

    human are stubborn & selfish... (and I'm one of them)

  5. What better reason to ride. I am sick over the tragedy in the Gulf and the seemingly apathetic efforts to stem the destruction. We absolutely need to pour resources into alternative fuels. Ride on! (Get it? "Right on?" I'm a Sixties girl...)

  6. It just occurred to me that unconsciously your blog has crept to the top of my daily cruise list. You have displaced the Copenhagen guy.
    I'm not riding today, I'm bus-ing, but when I ride I love seeing my bikey peoples in the 'burgh (plug for Bike Pgh!) And I even more love when somebody new asks me "how do I start this biking thing?". I love having that conversation.

  7. I agree with Bill, your blog has become one of my favourites, too.
    Today I ride because it’s fun and I’m enjoying the airstream during this hot summer day.


  8. ja jaaaa that copenhagen guy... Ade is gonna be stoked, and all the girls +i are not gonna stop hearing about this in the days to come! :D

    +thanks for all your comments, you make all of us super happy

  9. The main reason I ride today is because it’s my “alone for me” time where I can just let my mind wander. The other reasons are because it’s better the environment, me and my wallet. But since I have commuter benefits I save even more on bicycle expenses. I learned all about it at www.commuternation.com. Enjoy your “me” time!

  10. Oh, Meli, you're right behind!, you've also displaced the Copenman.

  11. Great minds! I wrote about this same topic today!

    Riding a bike is just FUN, isn't it? A little slower but much more fun than driving in a car...you get fresh air, you get to see the world around you up close and personal...! And it certainly soothes after a long, tough day...

  12. Shhh- Pictures, please!!! We love new bikes around here : )

    anna- I am the same way.

    H n' R- I can't let myself think about it too much or else I feel sick. A whole ecosystem suffocated...

    Barbara- alternative energy and decreased consumption.

    Bill- I love Pittsburgh! I have never been bike riding there, but I will when I am there next!

    Zweiradler- We are happy that you and Bill find something worth reading here!

    Amanda- Riding is a great deal of fun! Especially when it comes along with a little "me time" like Anon was talking about : )

  13. WOW, GREAT post!!!!! Loved it!

    I ride every day to breathe the fresh air, to experience all the seasons, to feel alive, to work up a sweat, to see, to watch, to be amazed, everyday!


  14. i didn't ride today. :( had to visit new family in el lay. BUT i can't wait to jump back on my beloved bici cause i miss them so much. yay bikes!

    thanks for this post ade!!

  15. I ride because it is fun!

    I ride because it makes me feel great.

    I ride because it makes me feel a part of my surroundings - I can see so much more than in a car.

    I ride because when I am in a car and see other riders I feel jealous - does this happen to others too?

    Last week is wanted to go down to Rockridge to pick up a gift for a friend's birthday. I was somewhat pressed for time. This is not a long ride from home (about 4 miles one way, with a 600 foot climb or so) and I made the decision to drive down. After driving around looking for parking for about 10 minutes, boy did I regret my choice.

    Hope to see you all at Oaklavia this weekend!