Monday, June 28, 2010


The closing of streets to car traffic for a few hours from time to time is getting more and more popular all around the world. San Francisco has had the ever more popular Sunday Streets for the last few years, and now Oakland has Oaklavía, which debuted last Sunday.

Middle Of The Road

The event had to compete with the 40th Anniversary of San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade (among a whole bunch of other things like a Giants/Redsocks game, the Mexico/Argentina match...) Despite the absolutely stupid amount of things to do this weekend, there was a good turnout for the lovely, quiet streets of Oakland. It is not terribly surprising, after all, when you get rid of the cars life springs up everywhere!

Imagine All The People...

I Trike Oakland

What was great for me was that it wasn't super packed so I could appreciate all of the people and the thing that makes Oakland a really great place- the diversity and openness of its citizens.

Hella Bubble Oakland

Why So Worried




Straw Fedora

I took a whole bunch of pictures which will take me awhile to edit. Check in to the set in a couple of days to see what comes up!


  1. go east bay?!? wat is Ratt doing in that green shirt over there?! :D
    je jeee - awesome!

  2. so this is kind of Car Free Day mix with others event...??!! woww nicee...

    more update please for another Sunday!! thankss

  3. I love it when cities do this. The only time Houston closes any street during the day is for the art car parade.
    Love the pictures.

  4. Hey, neat - my husband and I are in the 4th photo (we're the ones on the bubble bikes with the "I hella bike Oakland" shirts).

    What a fantastic day. I hope it happens again!

  5. I love that City!
    Great photos, It'd be great to be there for that day.

  6. Great seeing you + family there. Great photos. I love your new camera too.

  7. Lexica- I hear it may hit Fruitvale next which would be great! hope to see you there!

    Lilia- It was funny how many SF folks were there : ) Next time, I am taking off the UV filter. It made everything blue : (