Friday, November 1, 2013

friday fun times: checkered fenders?

wow, this bike sure was fun to see. i am surprised i haven't seen it around town until now. thought it was worth sharing.

What a fun and cute little bike!

i'll be in LA this weekend to celebrate day of the dead/dia de los muertos. have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

training day: bicis y miami

We like our basketball.
First things first: Golden State DUBS first home game is tonight.

OK, onward - As hardcore basketball fans –Warriors (myself) y Spurs (CTX)– we are far from being James fans, or Miami for that fact. However, this is a very cool video, found via Streetsblog

I hope that brands, teams and rockstar players of that caliber continue to display positive things around their community (or cities they represent) and invest in making a positive impact in the youth. I actually really enjoyed this commercial/clip and look forward to athletes to do similar partnerships or team up to promote good things for boy and girls admiring their sports heroes.

Also, Texas native (Port Arthur) and former player for both los Warriors y Spurs, Stephen Jackson while with the dubs, gave a basketball court in the city a little facelift. With program NBAcares they do frequent grade-school backpack handout days and they help to give a little make-over to basketball courts around the Bay Area. I read about this stuff often in the news.
Here is (one of) our very own Warriors court in the dogpatch, the signs/tarps are pretty faded, but still there:

And former Tarheel Harrison Barnes, rocking an Oakland As shirt when the Warriors were in China. A boy after my little heart.

Anyways, could not be more excited for basketball season starting tonight and college basketball around the corner(!)

The song in Lebron/Nike video is My Shoes by John Legend and this was filmed in Miami, *hi to our friend Fidel out there*
*melibrosa fact: John Legend has played at half time at the warriors game in 2008. I was there :)

/ Previous NBA posts here.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ARTHURSDAY: Illustration Now!

Illustration Now! Fashion: Alexandra Compain-Tissier, Bill Cunningham  – Read more: It'sNiceThat

Styled by hand. The many incarnations of illustration in the world of fashion
Illustration Now! Fashion Hardcover – November 15, 2013 via amazon

Monday, October 21, 2013

two dropped chains, two feel good stories

after riding a bike for more than a few years, one is bound to have more than a few dropped chains. for me, they happen at the most inopportune times, like shifting my downtube shifters to go up a hill. there was an incident a couple of months ago where i looked rather funny on polk street trying not to fall. i was rather determined not to do so on my way to work.

this is not the dropped chain from either story, but to gives you all an idea what i'm talking about.

so, this not about my dropped chain, but rather two dropped chains from people i don't know.

one friday i was rushing home to work before rushing out to sf bike party and a block away from home i see two bikers on the sidewalk. the woman appears in her 50s, and her bike is upside down. there's a younger man with her in about his 20s (son perhaps?) on the phone. both are looking around rather helpless. i decide to stop to see what the problem is because if it's a large problem, i know where the bike shop nearby is.

so i pull over, ask what's wrong, and i see the chain. THE CHAIN. it also looks like there is all that's wrong with it, so i get my fingers in, turn the cranks a bit, and voliá. chain back on. the woman and the young man look incredulous. she said they had been there for 15 minutes trying to fix it. i show her what to do if it happens again.

the woman clapped her hands, brought them to her chest, and said, "thank you so much!" i said, "it's no problem." she looks at my chain greased fingers, and apologizes, i said, "again, no problem since i live a block away."

i ride off feeling good that my limited bike knowledge helped out two people in minor distress.

fast forward to 10 days later, which was wednesday of last week. i'm off to a fancy pants dinner event on foot in the financial district. i see a woman with a nice and new cannondale, with a male colleague, in a similar state of distress, only this time everyone involved was well dressed. not going to get bike grease on anything this time.

i take a look, and again, looks like a dropped chain. i said "i can fix it, if someone has a pen." the woman says, "we're reporters, we have lots of pens." the man produces a pen, i pop the chain back on, and they again were so grateful. she said, "now i'll be on time for my meeting! thank you so much!" i forgot her name, but she introduced herself.

all of these scenarios took less than a minute to diagnose and fix. but the gratitude and the good feelings are still around a few weeks later.

so go out and help out some people. feels good.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Don't we all know deep down that WE are the cause of all traffic in the world?  We should be ashamed!

Really.  We should be ashamed.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Get It Together SF Chronicle

  This is a photo of my family I took blindly with the camera behind my head back in 2009.

Behind The Head Family Shot

It is not a terribly good picture, just a snapshot.  But it is a snapshot of some of the people I love the most in this world doing something both terribly mundane and terribly important, riding our bikes through our city to do whatever it was we were doing that day.

Today, this picture was stolen and used without my permission in a vapid, stupid and insulting piece on the SF Gate blog.  The writer, Peter Hockaday, decided it was OK to just take something that was not his and use it to write about something he knows nothing about.  That something is the neighborhood I grew up in and always think of as home, even 20 years after I moved out of it.  This neighborhood was the birthplace of SF's current bicycle movement.  This neighborhood was the California birthplace of the Sanctuary Movement.    I could go on.

This is what I had to say to him about that.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Adrienne Johnson and I am the woman who took picture #25 in your blog post of Sept 23rd, 2013 entitled "You Know You Live In The Mission...". First off, I am sorry, but I never gave you permission to use my photo in your piece. As a member of the journalist community you know that is not OK. As this is a photo posted to my personal account on Flickr and is posted with a copyright that barres your use of it without my permission, I can see no reason for you to leave it there, or to have even used it in the first place. This is especially true as you did not contact me through  that account, or any other, to ask for my permission. FYI, it would not have been given, and here is why.

I consider myself a San Francisco native. I have lived here for all but 3 months of my life. From 1971 until 1983 I lived in the Outer Sunset- before Trouble Coffee, before Java Beach, even before Other Avenues, back when there was still a Judah Street tunnel to the beach. From 1983 until 1989 I lived in the Mission. I lived there back when Valencia St. was half boarded up and was populated mostly by the lesbian community. Back when La Rondalla was still open and you could get midnight chicken soup and underage margaritas while drunk female impersonators sang into their drinks at the bar. Back when Pancho Villa first opened and the whole neighborhood got food there after the '89 earthquake and took it to eat in Dolores Park, not because it was cool, but because everyone was afraid to be in their homes. Back when the Mission Theater was a shithole movie house the whole neighborhood went to to see B movies in while yelling at the screen (not in its soon to be fancy art house fashion which will only show Spanish language films when they win Best International Film awards for their brave portrayal of crossing the boarder illegally). My mother was the person who got stop signs at 20th and Capp and helped the police clear out the crack dealers in the mini park so that the kids could play there once again in 1984. The garage of the building I lived in was where the Carnival Floats used to stage from at the beginning of the parade. My first apartment when I left home at 19 was on South Van Ness between 15th and 16th in 1989, and so you know, at that time that area was considered to be the most dangerous place in California with the most rapes, robberies and murders of any part of our state. We moved there because we were  too poor to stay in the Sunset. We stayed because it was the best place in SF to live if you were poor and wanted a decent quality of living.


I moved out of the Mission during college and I now live in Sunnyside, in an apartment I have lived in for 20+ years. My four children, 2 of whom are in this picture with my husband, were all born at CPMC (one while I still lived in the Mission!). My husband was born at Chinese Hospital. We are not hapless "visitors" to the Dark Side of Town hoping to get back to our all Caucasian enclave of Noe Valley (your intimation, not mine). We are native San Franciscans riding through our own home town.

There are families in the Mission!!! Thousands of them!!!! They have lived there for decades. If you see a family in the Mission and your first thought is "how did they wander so far from Noe Valley", then you have no business writing an article about the neighborhood in the first place. Just because the wave of people coming into SF now is young and childless and stupid rich does not mean the City is, too. If you want to write an article about the neighborhoods of SF, then get off your butt and go talk to some people in those neighborhoods! Go find out about the family that started the Pancho Villa group of taquerias, or better yet, go find some of the people who owned older taco shops that went out of business or one of the older restauranteurs who don't make burritos and talk to them. Maybe try talking to the proprietors of the old watch repair shops on Mission street? How about the people that own Sun Fat Seafood so you can get a perspective on the Chinese population in the Mission (hint, it is big and has been there for a looooong time). Ever thought of learning the history of the Victoria Theater on 16th? How about the Anarchist Movement (much of which was recently booted out of the 17 Reasons Why building that houses Thrift Town) that still populates the area. Maybe you could go talk to Don Rafa's daughter about all of the fixed gear bikes she doesn't sell. How long before these businesses are run off because the landlord wants to charge more for the crap building that was paid off 20 years ago that he refuses to fix? Do I hear Jack Spade calling to take that spot? Oh wait, that already happened.

Most of all, do not poach my photographs and assume it is OK to use them to ridicule anyone. The fact that I wake up every day knowing that at any time my landlord can and will sell my home and that I will be Ellis Acted out of it and out of the City I have called home for 43 years makes me sick. The fact that I attended F.S Key Elementary, Aptos Middle School, George Washington High and City College of San Francisco will not save me from being evicted. The fact that the very first burrito I ever ate was from La Taqueria 20 years before Zynga was even thought of will not change the fact that the people who think families only live in Noe Valley are the reason my old place at 20th and Capp is now listed at close to $4000 a month! This attitude, this cluelessness, is behind what is driving the families of the City out and I do not want to be associated with it.

You stole a photograph, whose subjects and history are unknown to you and put them into your story to make a stupid, racist, classist point. It is your bad luck that it was the wrong photo to steal. I am quite sure that wasn't your intention, but that does not matter. You didn't know that the Mission is what I consider home and I know I am there when I see mothers picking up their kids from school and carrying their backpacks home to change into their play clothes. I know I am in the Mission when I see the paleta sellers pushing their carts down the street. I know I am in the Mission when Spanish speaking evangelists are yelling into bullhorns at the 24th street BART station or when Mexico is playing El Salvador and Bolompié explodes in screaming. Want to talk to a local family? Go to any one of the funeral homes in the neighborhood and you will see huge, local, multi generational Mission families mourning their dead. You will see that those families are Hispanic, black, Asian, white... None of them are worrying if their clothes are cool enough (only people who come slumming in exclusive clubs in the 'hood do that). Or maybe try hanging out at any one of the soccer practices or games around the entire neighborhood. You will find out fast that they are all locals playing and that none of them work at Twitter or want to be pushed out of their own neighborhood. Maybe they can tell you about the days when the Mission was a Sanctuary Zone for political refugees from Latin America and you can tell them where the Sanctuary Zone is for them now that their presence is no longer welcome in their own neighborhood.

Stop playing into this ridiculous farce of "hip". The Mission is not the next up and coming neighborhood for the young and clueless. It is a neighborhood with a strong history and culture that San Francisco can not afford to lose. The Mission is a neighborhood that is being systematically drained of everything that brings people to it in the first place- the art, the culture, the diversity and the comfort of being in a place where families live their daily lives. It is the canary in the coal mine. My family, a native family, may not look like what you think the Mission looks like, but then you don't know what the Mission looks like because you chose the lazy route and bought into the hype. Start writing about the people who need to be written about to help them try to save their homes and businesses. Get off your butt and be a real journalist who asks questions and looks for answers.

And take my picture off your site.

Thank you.

Let the SF Gate (a blog published by The San Francisco Chronicle who should know and expect better) be put on notice.  I am tired of this crap.  When I published this article about being threatened by an SFPD officer in an unmarked car here on the blog the SF Gate chose to re-publish the article and then did nothing to stop the threatening, demeaning and offensive comments directed at me and my family on their site.  Now they are stealing my property to put in their silly, vapid, unresearched crap blog posts that reduce human beings into stereotypes that destroy any real conversation from happening before it starts.

There. Now go back to your lives citizens.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


green lane

Stand still. The trees ahead and the bushes beside you
Are not lost. Wherever you are is called Here,
And you must treat it as a powerful stranger,
Must ask permission to know it and be known.
The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,
I have made this place around you.
If you leave it, you may come back again, saying Here.
No two trees are the same to Raven.
No two branches are the same to Wren.
If what a tree or bush does is lost on you,
You are surely lost. Stand still. The forest knows
Where you are. You must let it find you.
–Lost by David Wagoner


Portland, OR
August, 2013.

Friday, August 23, 2013

friday fun times: red bike and green's tour & las ovas

so in my not so much anymore spare time, i've been keeping up with the amazing trip going on in the east coast right now. it's led by red bike and green and they are traveling from dc to brooklyn's afropunk festival. as they put it, it does sound like the experience of a lifetime.

image is from red bike and green's fb page. check out for more pics. they are beautiful! here's a quick video they made for people living in brooklyn to join them on their last leg to the show!

RBG Bike Tour > DC to AfroPunk 8/24 @ Dixon's Bicycle Shop from eli•zah on Vimeo.

also, clitoral mass is happening again in LA this saturday. those ovas are something else. LOVE THEIR COMMUNITY BUILDING! here's their bikey check list.

have a fun bikey time peeps! i'll be parking at the america's cup. come say hi.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Arthursday: Ben Javens - bici illustrations

How adorable are these? Love finding simple, joyful prints around the internets.
The work is by Ben Javens, a professional illustrator based in England.
So cute!

Found via ShareSomeCandy
Ben's website:


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

more nytimes bike style: portlandia video edition

the ny times is pretty good at delivering news in a timely fashion, but they are not always timely in their cultural trends. if only they had someone on staff who's been riding a bicycle for awhile now who watches style to alert them to this trend of cycle chic. (pssst, they do.)

the mama texican sent me this link of portlandia types talking about their style in "the pearl." and yes, bikes are accessories. of course.

enjoy! and bill cunningham, why wont they listen to you more? heh.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

happy birthday j.lo, keep on biking!

it's true. today "jenny from the block" turns 44 years old. awhile back the latina diva was training for a triathlon, and now more than a few pics of her riding bikes are on the interwebs. i like this one cause she looks home.

here's to many more years of bike riding ahead of you j.lo!

Friday, July 19, 2013

friday fun times: sergio ROMO bikey gif

i do love me some sergio romo. he's the closing pitcher of the giants. owner of best walk up song/video combo ever. right?

i mean come on, that's pretty bad ass.

anyway, a friend sent me this gif of romo...on a bike looking dorky as hell. LOVE IT.

the gif is from a giants promotional campaign.

now it's time to celebrate friday fun times with some riding. giants messenger bag not necessary.

h/t to sxl.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Arthursday: Fog timemachine

San Francisco, 1920.

via FineVernacularPhotography
Caution, that tumblr is pure visual addiction.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

bay area bike share is finally here and accepting memberships

i signed up, despite having a bike. i'm member 327! i'll get a shirt and a special key. i don't really care what the color of my key is, but i do care that the bay area is FINALLY getting in on the action (as a pilot program).

go here if you want to join. they have different pricing programs, including those who will be visiting the area. the cities so far include SF, Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and San Jose. i don't visit those cities much, but it's cool to think i can caltrain without fearing "being bumped" and ride around those cities if i so choose. looking forward to the additions of berkeley and oakland, i do not know what the status is of those cities though.

screenshot by sf streetsblog

the sf bike coalition has a dedicated page to discussing the bay area bike share. comes with cute graphics seen below.

note the 7-speed hub. bay area baby. nyc only gets 3 speeds. heh. screenshot via inhabitat.

fingers crossed this works out! we need more than a pilot program with bikes! bart has a pilot program with bikes, and now this pilot program. they will work, just put forth the program. people will use it, and it will be successful. especially if this is any indication...

leonardo dicaprio riding a citibike

now just get a pic of ryan goseling on a citibike and oh haaay gurl!

UPDATED the pic of leo. whatup fan girl? hehe.

Friday, July 12, 2013

friday fun times: pacific northwest bikey times

last week i went on vacation in the pacific northwest and saw some fun pro-bikey sentiments.

we need three patas feet of space!
anacortes sticker.

yeah, most of us do this (safely) anyway, make it legit!
bikes use ped signal

not unique just for seattle, but cute nonetheless
seattle bike rack

and my personal fave...the bike corral in the shape of a car. it visually represents the car parking space, which is for one car or the car parking space that can fit a lot of bikes!
seattle bike car corral

have a great bikey weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

ARTHURSDAY is here: Cyclemon

Found this short and sweet video the other day, isn't it cute?

Cyclemon from Thomas Pom on Vimeo.
Title: "Cyclemon"
Motion: Thomas Pomarelle
Design: Romain Bourdieux / Thomas Pomarelle
Music: "Vagabond" by Greenskeepers

I'm not a fan at all of labels, steryotypes, generalization or categories depending upon what you chose to ride …or rather, which bike chooses you =)

–however– the clean flat-style illustrations are OK.
See the complete article here:
Mundoflaneur: ilustraciones “You are what you ride”


Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday View Of Sunday

A little, happy moment during Sunday Streets  this last Sunday.

tag along

It has been awhile since riding and holding a camera at the same time have been possible.  Nice to have someone smile at me when it happens.

Monday, July 1, 2013

the future smart "car"?

The other week I was volunteering at a fancy pants bikey event. I was outside in the wind and this guy rolled up in this ride. He tried to say he was involved with the event, but I had a hunch that he just wanted his product to be seen with the current transportation movers and shakers. 

Either way, lots of people along market street stopped and gawked at this latest transportation vehicle. What do you think about this trike? It is electric assisted...

Trying out this blogger app while waiting to board a plane to go far far away for a couple of days! See y'all on flip side of the border.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

two for tuesday: basketball and bikes take II

well, we are now on the other side of the nba finals. the heat has another ring under its belt. took me a few days to finally be able to write this post. ugh! :)

i'm very proud of the effort that san antonio spurs put forth (fun fact: they will be playing the timberwolves in mexico city this december...road trip anyone?), but they were just one or two free throws too short.

so my advice to pop during the offseason: get your guys on bikes already!! next year i want to be able to google them and find tons of pictures of them on bikes.

heh, i just can't help myself...can ya blame me?

anyway, rainy here in our (weather) offseason. time to bust out the rain gear that remained virtually unused this past winter. also there might be a bart strike. which should be...interesting if it starts today.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

two for tuesday: basketball and bikes

basketball season ends this week. hopefully it will end tonight, so i can get my life back and stop watching tv and do more riding, but you know, THIS IS THE SPURS WE'RE TALKING ABOUT!

but the video below is not the spurs. it's an ad for deodorant with a player who very well might have been in the spurs place this year had a key player on his team not been hurt. but that's not how things worked out this year.

this "do more" commercial shows durant wearing his UT colors (woot!) and talking about using road riding as cross training for basketball. waking up at 5 in the morning...that sounds familiar.


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

It has been a long time since I have been around.  May be a bit before I return. Who can say?  In the meantime, after 8 weeks off his bicycle after a highway accident on his scooter, Hubby The Bikeman made a brief, first post-crushed foot ride.  Fittingly, it was on the Grandma.

back in the saddle again

Happy Father's Day to all you Daddy-types out there, but mostly to HTB!  We are all happy to see you riding again!

Friday, June 14, 2013

friday fun times: bikes and besos.

this morning was riding to work part of the way with the boo. per usual, we kiss as we part ways, he goes forward, i turn left.

i couldn't find a picture of people that looked like us kissing while on bikes, so i am going to use this one instead taken in berlin, germany. it is pride month here in SF after all...

bici-beso en Berlin

anyway, this morning, we had an audience. none other than andy thornley, the senior analyst at SF MTA's SF Park program. he was riding his bike as well and said, "i like seeing people on bikes kiss!" those two rode off in the same direction chatting it up. i blushed and went on my own merry way.

aww shucks, we've been outed being sweet! hehe.

happy friday everyone. i am going to take his kind words as a good sign for this weekend! i'll be bike marshalling at the SF Marathon. if you are running it, look out for a bright yellow vest at mile 24-26.2!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

critical mass riders in NBA playoffs, CTX does not root for them

how can this be? not when they are of the MIAMI HEAT! as you may recall a few months ago that lebron james, dwayne wade, and mario chalmers rode critical mass not too long ago. he threw up those pics on instagram with the hashtag #bikelife. brought to you by meliBROsa.

normally i would be rooting for the bike...but, well, they are playing my SAN ANTONIO SPURS.

i didn't easily find any pics of the SAN ANTONIO SPURS on bikes...but as you all know i'm from texas. and i want them to BEAT THE HEAT.

so it's all well and fine that critical mass participant and bike commuters are in the NBA playoffs, and hell, maybe their bike helped get them there...but this time, i hope they lose. cause really, we're so close to winning the NBA FINALS!


just keep playing like this!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

one day cost of nyc's bike share is at nyc prices.

the frugal traveler checks out NYC's bike share prices for visitors. the day rate became available this past sunday. the cost? well, seems more than the cost of a subway trip and a transfer. since these bikes are meant to be transportation alternatives, and not for recreation, this seems a little strange. but it is new york after all, where things are going to be expensive. london, a city some say is even more expensive than nyc (i've never been to london, so i can't say for sure), costs £3, or about $4.50. nyc? $10+

foto by flickr user ngolebiewski

maybe since these bikes come with their own locking mechanism when you park them, it's worth it? makes me wonder what SF will do with its own pricing whenever we get bikeshares of this magnitude.

hmm. not sure what to think about this development right now, but check out the article for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

two for tuesday: mexico city and nyc bike share programs

SF has a bike share program, but it is nowhere to the extent that mexico city and the newly introduced new york city programs. the sf program has been discussed since before ade and meli started this blog, but we haven't seen much progress due to delays, politics, delays, delays and more delays.

well, in the meantime, mexico city introduced its ecobici in 2010. as regular readers know, i went to mexico city late last year, and my boyfriend and i were very excited to try it out. we didn't realize at the time that we needed to live in mexico city in order to use them. disappointed, yes, but we were pleased to see that the bikes were used often. we also saw trucks at night redistributing the bikes among various stations. not to mention physically separated bike lanes and a diverse bike community. there are group rides every day.

Mexico City -- Palacio de Bellas Artes

Mexico City -- Palacio de Bellas Artes

as you may also know, i lived in nyc for quite some time. 8 years to be exact. i rode my bike while i lived there, but i didn't ever consider it a viable transportation option since legendary stories of bikes being stolen are bountiful. bill cunningham has had a bike stolen 28 times (at least of the time of his documentary--hope that's it though)! so i rode, but just casually.

as has been plastered everywhere in the media lately, NYC introduced its own bike share this past monday. i wish nothing but the best for this program. since i've lived there, over 300 miles of bikes lanes have been introduced, and nyc streets are slowly changing in order to accommodate less cars, more bikes.

incidentally on my old evening commute, i would ride by a spin class and i would always glance in...but i digress.

bitchcakes, whose blog is sadly on infinite hiatus, is still on flickr and shared some pictures of her citibike trip.

just noticed my bike is in Spanish!

that picture reminded me of the bike i rode in DC last year.


can't wait to see how this citibike share goes. if interenet pictures are any indication, this will be a well documented event.

i don't know what it is going to take for SF to finally introduce its own widespread bikeshare program. in the meantime, i know of some extra bikes for tourists and newbies to borrow. heh. or maybe it'll take going to mexico city and learning something about efficient public transportation and bike infrastructure...kinda like what city leaders are doing. hmm.

Friday, May 24, 2013

friday fun times: oakland's clitoral mass ride is tomorrow!

and to celebrate the ride (12pm in oakland, details here) we're gonna kick off this three day weekend with a trailer from one of the BADASS inspirations of the event, las ovarian psycos! they are doing community and bikes RIGHT.

The Ovarian Psycos (Official Trailer) - A feature documentary from on Vimeo.

have a great weekend everyone. i'm sure i'll take a ton of pics on saturday. hope to see you there!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Arthursday: marie desbons

marie desbons is a french illustrator i found via pinterest. i spent some time looking at her work and i found it very fun, sort of a lighter hearted jamie zollars, or at least zollar's style of a few years ago.

desbons' light hearted color palette and whimsical scenes immediately draw you into her fantasy world, where you can lose yourself in her imagination for awhile.

i also like how the bike rider seems to be a recurring character.

you can see more for yourself on her blog (en français) or on facebook.

we kept the theme with a female artist as a slight nod to the clitoral mass rides that are happening this weekend in oakland and LA. there'll be more information about them tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

guest post: FAST - biking for change

the fine folks over at FAST - biking for change reached out to us and asked us if they could be a guest poster. we're never ones to say no to that, so here we go.

it's been awhile since we've heard of some animal activism other than my explanation to my new coworkers of why i've been vegetarian for 20 years every time we go out to lunch. here's for the next generation keeping that tradition strong of changing lives through biking.

FAST, or Five Activists Standing Together is a bicycle touring team that aims to bring the message of animal rights to the entire world through our advocacy tours. We distribute literature that brings light to the hidden horrors of modern day animal agriculture, and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Periodically during our travels, we hold a small street exhibit called “Change 4 Change”. Change 4 Change will explain our mission and hopefully help us acquire donations to fund our trips (i.e literature and food).
The team consists of five people: Kevin Cooney, John Jungenberg, Mary Jungenberg, Rachel Shippee and Jamie Jungenberg. The five friends decided to form FAST because they all share the same love of biking and activism.

We have completed one tour so far-we traveled from our homes in Northern Illinois, to Madison, Wisconsin, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and back. This trip was a tremendous success, and we were able to distribute 7,000 leaflets that promote veganism.

People may ask us, "Why do you do all this just to save farmed animals?" Farmed animals are some of the most oppressed beings on the planet. Ten billion are killed each year for the meat, egg and dairy industries alone. They live in hellish conditions, forced into cages so small they can't even turn around, separated from their families, and deprived of everything that makes life worth living. We know that their lives are worth something, that they have the right to live peacefully and freely and to do as they wish. We have the utmost respect for all species of life.

Thanks to FAST for reaching out. Good luck and safe times on your travels. Be sure to check out their facebook page for more information.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Arthursday: Dr. Sketchy's 5th Annual Cute Girls on Bicycles

last week our friends over at dr. sketchy's SF version of their anti-art school had their 5(!!) annual cute girls on bicycles. dr. sketchy's hosts monthly events where they have a really fun themed live drawing get together. the month before this one featured luchadores. need i say any more?

all images link back to where i found them, via the individual artist. go forth and find out more about them!

Killer Queen Bicycles

Dr Sketchy's Wheels & Wings

Dr Sketchy's Waterbottle

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