Tuesday, June 8, 2010

music bikes

i saw this video over on barcelona cycle chic

it reminded me of another music bike we have over here in SF caught on video. we terrorized some tourists with dead milk men during a birthday bike ride awhile back. the video below shows when the bike ride went through fisherman's wharf.

we are all daredevils. just like our old man.


  1. Beer coolers make really good speaker cabinets. Mount them on a trailer, hook to an ipod and you're good to go. I've seen many with solar panels on top for power!

  2. ooh, i like the solar panel idea! i'll have to pass that idea along to the music bike dude, although knowing him, he's already thought of it.

    do you have a picture of your beer cooler set up? i know these speakers in the video are actually used frequently as their intended bookshelf use. i have to say that the 2 pair sound pretttttty good set up on his LHT like that. we have another video from the night before where you can really hear the sound clearly.