Monday, April 19, 2010

it's monday! time to mixte it up!

it will not be a surprise to long time readers of the blog that the SF crew of CYLRAB are mixte fanatics. in fact, i like them so much, i've had two. just one now :(

exhibit a:

Mixte Parking Only
calitexican's bici #2, meli's frenchie and ade's S.A.M.

exhibit b:
Mixteing it up.
(the same usual suspects)

and finally, we have the most recent installment of the mixte lovin', a lil piece i like to call...


Mixted Up
cali's joanie baby, ade's S.A.M. & meli's frenchie.

friend to the blog, eric, upon seeing the above picture jokingly asked,"is there a law in sf that says all mixtes must have wire front baskets? just wonderin'... "

the three of us SF CYLRAB members of course had to respond to that..separately of course:

cali's response:
yes, it is codified...."upon whence you procure a vintage mixte, which was found by various means, but never through a bike store, thee shall place upon the front wheel a large basket. after basket is attached to aforementioned predetermined location, a back rack is optional, but a bungee cord and a ringing apparatus of some fashion is not."

ade's response:
it is actually the 11th Commandment.

Thou shalt adorn thy mixte with those things that make it pleasing to the Lord and practical for carrying the Holy Beer.

and, finally, meli's response:
Mixtes and the lady owners must stay hydrated from either barley or caffeine beverages. Repeat daily from either one.
For further reference please consult the HH handbook, beer:30 ext. happy hour.

now, i hereby call a very friendly and totally benign mixte competition. how many english beats (bicis of english heritage) do you see compared to french presses (velos of the french make)?

GO! ;)

on another note, do you notice the people you like/like to ride with tend to have the same bikes as you? road bikes, vintage, fixies, MTB, touring, steel, trikes? i feel like the answer may not be as easy as it could be at first glance. this may be because the people you know may have more than one bike. maybe not.

have a happy monday Y'ALL.


  1. Clearly Le Peug is in violation of the wire basket commandment! I'd better get on that. :) Love the picture. The only mixte I've seen in Nashville is my own French press, so here's one vote for the Frenchies.

  2. I love your finishing comment about relating to people with your bike. I must admit I get a man crush on every guy I see rocking a beard and riding a rando or touring bike with fenders.

  3. @trisha: 2 v. 2. it's ON ;)

    @kit: i always wonder about that. but sometimes the peeps i hang out with just ride whatever they have, so they don't match, but i do notice i know quite a few people (mostly female i think) that have various mixtes. woowoo.

    @ade: err? i'm having a brain pffft perhaps. so, i'll say "hot like mexico, rejoice!"

  4. English Beat....ska...Madness..keep up, chica! : )

  5. kt's french mixte has rear wire basket:

    and ade - I got your ska reference cuz we are of the same era.

  6. take a chill pill ladies and love tho youth. im sure my mom would make fun of everything in your era cuz it all happened in mexico city in the 60s, before SF ;-)


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  8. @ade: ah yes, thanks for the refresher :) you know my weakness now, kthx.

    what about keeping up w/ lady gaga? she aint no grace jones, but she's supafly on a photoshopped bici. "caught in a bike romance, whoa whoa whoaaaa."

  9. wait who is lady gaga? cuz if she wasnt in nightline, i dunno who she is

  10. who is madonna, a runaways wanna be?
    joan jett still looks better than that old troll! must be the dark hair

    let's leave the 80s for a sec, oh wait i was in bad show from 1984 last wedensday!! LOL

  11. Well, to be fair, Madonna isn't really 2.0 at this point. More like 5.6, which means she looks pretty good.

    I wonder if she has a Mixte?

  12. I am needing a clever name for the Japanese category, of which my lovely robins-egg-blue Fuji Dynamic mixte is a party. J-poppers, sake swingers, no and no. Mamachari seems, mm, too matronly. Plus it would need to be a Dadachari. Ideas?
    Btw, LOVE the English Beat.

  13. Doh! That's it, Dadachari, it was right there in front of me. Has the whole Marcel Duchamp thing going too. Thanks!

  14. i ride a mixte cause you can mount her like a lady. step through frames 4 ever!

  15. @Bill, Pgh: my old yellow bike was of the japanese variety. good of you to coin it!

    @ramona: ;) and she puts the fun between your (and all of our) legs. oooooh!!