Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gloating Cometh Before the Pride

Just a short post here- on Sunday, James (aka Hubby the Bike Man) completed the SF Randonneurs' Russian River 200k ride. He finished DFL and thus retains his place on the semi-official CYLRAB Back of the Bus team.

It turns out that all you need to do to ensure back of the bus status is to ride a completely untested bike twice as many miles as you have ever completed previously after doing NO training.

Of course, after doing this it helps to have a wife to come home to at the end of the ride who treats the over used knees of weekend warriors for a living. Although said wife does get to gloat over the sore knees while she works on them. Especially when said wife usually only sees this husband's rear end in the distance as she tries in vain to get up any hill with some sense of dignity and before the following Thursday.


  1. Hey.. that should have been me. I finished last on that ride last year, and this year finished about 2 hours later than last year just to be sure..

    Absolutely gorgeous day for a ride; unfortunately the same was true for going for a drive, so it seemed to bring out record numbers of cars too.

  2. Your hubby might want to follow my hubby on He is competing in his first Ironman in August. The only other tri he's done is a sprint last October. ;) Currently, he is struggling to get learn to use cleated bike shoes without falling over on his very expensive Kestrel. I love him and understand that a 40ish man has to do what he has to do.

  3. What do you mean no training? I train all the time...... to the farmer's market, to Costco, to get coffee, or to get another part from the bike store.