Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Birth Of The Bicycle Nation

This was too funny not to share! Thanks to Amsters@m The Wicked Reflectah for letting me put it here!

Life In Amsterdam - We Are Family

"If you have ever been to the best city in the world, you'll know that we do almost everything on our bikes...we travel on them, we eat, we drink coffee, we smoke...sometimes we even make love on them and give birth to the occasional bike-baby, like the one you see in this picture...those bike-babies usually get born directly into the tiny extra-seat attached to most bikes and spend their first years firmly strapped into it, only to learn how to walk and survive in non-bike situations many years later...and that is why the King of Amsterdam spends so much time rolling through Amsterdam, watching over them, ensuring their safety and correct tire-pressure :))"

He has a really cool book he put together of his photos. You should take a look.

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