Monday, April 26, 2010


lately i've been rather enamored of the wnyc show, radiolab. i've been listening it to sporadically at work, despite the interruptions involved.

the most recent episode is called "limits." physical limits, mental limits, that sort of thing. the second story in the below segment highlights the RAAM, or race across america. 3000 miles. 10 days. think you could do it? what about going into it with "minimal" training? would you even want to do this? where does this desire to test oneself come from?

the RAAM segment starts at about 16 minutes in.

(i personally recommend that you listen to the first story too, about a woman who discussed completing the 4th ironman triathlon...)

the radiolab page for this show also has a link for a documentary about the race, bicycle dreams.

so as we venture into another week full of commuting, training, living life, working, whatever, try to think of something you previously thought was impossible and then tell that voice in your head, "no."

see what happens.

have a great monday everyone.


  1. I can not imagine riding until I barf.

    I have been avoiding a certain yoga teacher in SF who us renowned for how challenging his classes are. Maybe I will try to go.

  2. Wow, I definitely want to see the movie. Looks amazing. Apparently, recently more and more women have decided to participate. Apart from the whole list of reasons why this whole "event" is totally nuts, can you imagine the chaffing?!?!??!?! OUTCH!

  3. @ade: this week i've been taking page street all the way home on the red bike. i figured why not? less traffic, but bigger hills. bring it!

    @anna: yah, my lady parts are cringing at just thinking about it!! #nobueno.