Friday, April 2, 2010

Why Do You Ride?

Why do I ride?

Love Lane

Because my bike lane loves me back!

Wet, Cold, Awesome!

Because my daughter likes to get caught in the rain.


Because there is texture in the world.

Why do you ride?


  1. It all began when I was around two and has continued ever since. I ride for Transport and for Shopping and also when I am bored and Frustrated and Depressed. I take a notion into my Head of just getting away to feel the Wind in my Face and the World slowly spinning past and the Sun and Wind and the changing Scenery.

    When I have a perceived problem that I cannot solve real or imaginary I sometimes take off on my Bike to clear my Head. It sometimes does not work but I feel much better after the Ride.

    I might only travel a few miles but if it is early enough and the Weather is very good who knows where I might End up. I have been known to only intend to go about 10 Miles and end up eventually going 50 miles or more.

  2. The other day I watched the video for the cycling police chief from SF. The irony here is deep. As someone who has logged about 25,000 miles in the last five years i know all about bad drivers. Just be safe...share the road...share the love.

  3. There could be about 8 million answers to this question, ranging from "I enjoy it immensely" to "I find it's the easiest way to get around my city".

    I enjoy it immensely could also be expanded to take up several blog posts worth.

  4. I find that the calming rhythm of two human-powered wheels gives me the best chance to blend with the drama of the flow of nature and the clash of emotions without giving in to my primitive lizard brain tendency to react with anger. A wave, and a smile, and the world keeps turning either way. Whatever that pothole was that I just bounced through and cracked my new rims, I'm looking forward to what's next, rolling on, not looking back. I know that tomorrow will have more potholes. But I love to shop for rims.

  5. It gives purpose to the otherwise mundane task of getting from point a to point b.

  6. i ride so i can wear chucks and jeans like you.

    um, i can't believe i saw that happen btw ;)

  7. That is my 1984 outfit. I think that even the haircut is generally the same : )