Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here Comes The Sun & I Say......

The rain won't leave Northern California (a blessing, to be sure), but in between showers, we are getting some simply spectacular weather here in SF. It is bringing out the best in us.

Skateboard Parking

Soon the skaters will be demanding more parking, and we will have to consider it.

Corner Life

It is open season for corner conversations.

Where Should We Get Coffee?

We grab a friend and hit the road. There are caf├ęs to be conquered! Let's conquer them together! Grab your bike and lets go!


  1. Nice Bikes! These photos remind me of an observation I made during my last visit to your beloved city. That is, there is not a fugly bike around! It makes for happy bike watching!
    Here in Toronto nice bikes are turned to rust when they come in contact with our witners and liberal applications of road salt, while many people opt for a $120 new 'supercycle' jalopy instead of investing in quality!

  2. the contrast of the climate, coffee, bikes. love the outdoors. love your city.
    now everybody, go ride :D