Monday, February 22, 2010

Rain, steel and pizza.

A number of weekends ago, a few of us had planned to get together for the afternoon with coffee, bikes and good company. The weather was a tad moody and most didn't make it. We missed Adrienne and her crew, but the two steel pizza coffee enthusiasts, went on to do some roaming around the city.
Eric is a good friend of the SF bloggy, bike, and coffee crew and he knows he is much love by all of us. With his affinity for vintage bikes, I decided to take him to North Beach's only bike shop, Citizen Chain. Sasha and him talked frames for a bit and I was off looking around for cute things, they are the spot to check out for little trinkets and beautiful accesories. ding ding.
I want.
This will really flaunt your stuff in the trunk...
Oh mickey donde estás?
Oh mickey donde estás?

Then we biked in a little bit of rain, and decided it was time for pizza. Why not, as if San Francisco lacks any gourmet pizza spots, we stopped at Piccino's in the dogpatch.
pizza stop
pizza stop

After we roamed around some more. At that point I was quite convinced that my knee would start to feel funny, and it did not, which was a huge confidence boost. This would be the first time I rode the road bike, a steel frame Italian beauty since early November. It was more of a test to see where my cranky knee stood. Good, pretty good, for the most part. My conditioning, yea not as good, but riding with Eric is always a mellow-no pressure experience so everything was chill.
We stopped by one of my favorite in/outdoor retail spaces around, Flora Grubb. This place is a must for all things plants, house trinkets and if I say is a must, then there must be coffee correct?!… I've blogged/posted pictures about this place many times, but I can never quite get tired of it, you know!?
Hola flower bike.
Hola flower bike.
Everybody luvs this wall.
Everybody luvs this wall.
due italiani
Here are our two Italian beauties. Smooth operators they are.

After riding around some more, of course it was time for coffee stop no.4. Yes. Four as in Four Barrel. Eric was happy to finally be in the place Adrienne and I spend many mornings and afternoons with our peeps. I learned some cool geek facts about the copper used for certain pieces and we ended the afternoon with some delicious cup of coffee.
Caffeination station.
Caffeination station.

So here it goes, a raise a cup of coffee for what became a tiny confident shove to no longer baby the leg and keep going, slowly but surely. One day I will slowly conquer you again giant hills, one day.
Double troubles.
- - -

Check out his blog at: Classic lightweight bikes & rides.
I also cross-posted today, a collection of his awesome wool sweater collections at Bikes and The City.



  1. i raise a cup of peet's french roast (all we have here at work today) to your knee, Meli. have a piece of hardware that will help - i'll send it. i can install for you... thx for the fun ride and tour of your great city. xo, e

  2. What a perfect 2-wheeling day!
    Love the flower bike! And the sedum wall.

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  4. dang, that pizza looks so yummy! the photo of the basket is also very lovely!

    great job!!

    Peace & Health :)

  5. i have never been to that pizza place. i sense a field trip there with steady steel steeds. giddyup! let's go!

  6. thanks eric!! it's always lovely to have in in the city ;-)
    cant wait to roam around your ericlands soon!

    imaginary bicycle/ thanks! that flower bike is awesome - though I wanna ride it rather than just look at it :D

    chandra/ there is probably a pizza joint to check out for all 365 dyas here in SF :D yummy tummy never runs out of choices!!

    ctx/ yeah baby. im game
    and they have coffee. it's a win + win situation LOL