Wednesday, April 7, 2010

PSA for our SF readers...

courtesy of mojo bicycle cafe:

Courtesy of mojos...

this morning i saw a lot of motorcycle cops today at the corner of haight and pierce handing out something. i believe i also saw andy of sfbc among them.

any info or news as to what exactly is going on? i'm guessing at their presence at the wiggle that they are going to ticket for running stop signs and the like. perhaps brushing up on your rights would be especially good right now.


  1. Last week I stopped for a SFPD officer who waved at me on Market who gave me a blue piece of paper. It was a flyer from SFPD and SFBC w/ tips on riding and the law (stay out of the door zone, know your rights, etc). Maybe they're handing them out again now that it's sunny?

    I have seen some Motorcycle cops on the wiggle recently though telling bikers going downhill (east?) to slow down and stop at the stop signs...

  2. yes, i also saw a blue piece of paper. i was too far away to get one, but i am guessing it's the same thing as you saw before.

    i've also seen them cruising around the wiggle a lot lately.

    nice handle, btw ;)

  3. caliT:
    here's a copy of the flyer in case you're bored, I mean interested in what you missed