Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time To Bedazzle!

Sometimes you look at your bike, and as much as you love it, it just looks a little bare. The time has come for a little personalization. I have never actually owned a Bedazzler, but I would and I would use it on my bike!

Instead, I have added a very strange, Japanese, cupie doll thingy as my masthead.


I wanted to see what other people are putting on their bikes. Some have taken the same, slightly disturbing, doll themed route that I have-

Come on Barbie
image by ibikenz

Others have gone for a more naturalistic approach. Perhaps a little floral arranging contributes to a more pastoral commute?

having a rest...
image by LO:ci

When you ride with a giant bucket in front of you, a little visual distraction could possibly come in handy. A few Tribbles could be helpful for morale, and possibly inspire a little Broadway dance movement.

Not Jazz Hands-- Simply Sporky Imitations
image by fullhands

If all else fails, try using a man in a beret. It adds a little weight, but the conversation possibilities are endless.

image by Metrofiets


  1. Um. Does that cupie doll have external genitals?

  2. I believe that to be the case. It also has wings.

  3. lol! pastoral indeed, but you know I think drivers' behaviour softens when they see flowers on a basket ;) I caught few times people in cars point and smile :D funny uh how a little thing like that can have such a positive impact! Perhaps may even tempt people to give cycling a go! L xxx

  4. I found an old sheep's skull the other day, but the other half dissuaded me from mounting it on my handlebars...