Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bike Your Kids To Earth Day

It is Earth Day. That came as a shock to me, but then I have all but given up on the news and I never know what day it is anymore. Instead of showing you pictures of decimated rainforests and drowning Polar Bears, I think that what we all need is a reminder of why being more kind to ourselves and the Earth is so important.

video by Xander@416style

image by Spiderleggreen

Panda With The Boy
image by Dickdavid

Ocean Swim Bikers
image by ibikenz

Shadow Panda TrailGator
image by Baudman

Compartiendo y disfrutando la ciudad con su hija
image by Quilto Elemento

You do not have to have children of your own to see that the children of today are the ones who will have to survive the sins of their fathers. There are things we can not fix, but we do not have to make it worse. We can lessen our load and lessen theirs. We can teach them how to live more by using less. We can take off the training wheels and bike.

Make today the first day of the rest of your Earth Life.