Friday, April 23, 2010

"hey, i know that bike"

one of my favorite things about riding on market street during the morning commute (a short list to be sure), is talking to friendly people on bikes. another one of my favorite things is running into people i know. san francisco is so small, that the chances are high you'll see someone familiar on the bikeway.

today's installment was one omar. friend of meli. on way to werky times.

"omar" by meli

i was getting ready to pass someone and thinking how i like how my new shoes are on my pedals when i heard, "hey you." i turn and i see mr. omar. i was running super late to work, but there's always time to say hi and chat it up a bit.

you just can't get that in a car. or on muni/bart (for the most part). nice start to the day.

happy friday!


  1. I am always seeing familiar bicycles parked around town. When I am in a real hurry, or I am feeling anti-social, I take side streets so that I minimize the possibility of running into someone.