Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Spy

Have you noticed how much different things look when you are riding a bike? I always notice how much sky I see,

Water Bottle View

or things on the ground,

What Are You Lookin' At

and sometimes the change in the light.

In Sight

When I am riding I feel big but when I see others, they seem so small.

Trip The Lights

So much to notice! There is no way to get bored if you just open your eyes!


  1. My husband and I went riding the other day through country side roads. We passed a lady on a horse. Afterwards my husband says he felt small and insignificant next a huge horse and the lady way on top. For my husband thats alot because he's 6'4".

    For me its always the hills that seem steeper when im on a bike. And the grass always greener or the smell of the air that I notice.

  2. 'Seeing things' is one of the primary reasons I LOVE cycling, I just feel so much more connected to everything and everyone around me, and feel like I'm operating on a much more human scale - maybe it's because you're not lulled into a false sense of security as in a car, and actively looking for and at everything a lot more than when just walking on the pavement. Either or, it's a great feeling and totally gives me a buzz!

    Great pics and observations, thanks for sharing!