Friday, April 9, 2010

Playin' Hookey

As a teenager, I was renowned for my ability to not go to class, and yet, still get pretty good grades (I was my Junior year history teacher's "favorite corespondent student"). With age, I have become much better about being where I am supposed to be. Nevertheless, an occasional day for mental health is still a good thing. Hubby the Bike Man and I took one of those days recently. We had no plans, we just jumped on our bikes and took off to see what we wanted to do.

Along our path, we stopped at the temporary park that has been placed on San Jose Ave. Someone had decided that the park needed its very own bronze statue (all good parks have them!) and we just had to see it!

James decided to try and stare it down-

Stare Down

I wanted to see if it was a jumper-

Ride What You Got

After several moments of silliness, we realized that our fun day had begun in earnest.

Chickens With Our Heads Cut Off

Bike dates are the best! The basis of them is a bike (fun), you do something active (cycling) which is fun, you have fun getting somewhere to have fun together... how could this be wrong?


  1. My name is Oldfool and I approve this message.

  2. my name is meligrosa and i approve this message, too.

  3. Bike dates ARE the best! I need to go on one soon...

    KT not only approves the message but gives you a hi-five for it.