Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Injection of Confusion: Driving on chairs?

Zero emission? but you have it RIGHT THERE
dear dude:
pick up your bike, you will remain to have 'zero emissions' and have even more fun with your friends around town, seriously. Oh Nissan, why even bother putting the bike there, it aint no trophey, that beautiful machine is to be ridden - no need to reinvent the wheel.


  1. What the hell was that all about?
    I don't even have a clue what they are trying to sell. I already have the solution. It's called my bike.

  2. They are just wishing they had participated in this

  3. Why would I waste my money on a Nissan, when I could use a chair? Even more so, my computer chair could be considered the cadi...I mean Trek of chairs!