Friday, April 23, 2010

Red, Bike & Green

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We talk about getting more women on bikes all the time, but how often do we talk about getting people of colour out in the bike lane? That's what is going on at Red, Bike and Green in Oakland, CA-

"Red, Bike and Green, a community-building collective of Black urban cyclists, seeks to improve the physical health, individual economy and local environment of African Americans by strengthening the relevance of bike culture within the Black community"

This Saturday in Oakland is going to be great! Click on the flyer to learn more and someone send me some pictures!!!!


  1. oh, super cool. thanks for posting this.

  2. just saw this!! pretty rad :D
    go oaktownnnn

  3. Curious,does the Bay area have a "Major Taylor" cycling club branch? Dude was the Lance Armstrong, Jackie Robinson, and Muhammed Ali of the 19th century, rolled into one. Maybe a little "Shaft" in there, too. Check him out.