Monday, August 24, 2009

Flat Again!!!!

After many, many, many years of no flats, I have had my third!

I have the bike flu virus!

This time, I was lucky. Hubby the Bike Man was with me. James is my pit crew, I.T. department and personal barista, which is lucky for me!

Quick release

Temporary unicycle

After searching the tire and the tube, the tiny hole was found. I wonder what took my Kevlar reinforced tire out, this time? It was small, and quite sharp, and if I find it, I will grind it into dust!

It may have been small, but it had to be fixed.

I love watching James work. He is quite meticulous and careful in everything he does. I especially like watching his hands.


As I watched the farmer's market world go by,

James noted the need for his tire pump to be lubed : )


Soon, my wheel was back in place, and I could stop looking like this

It is good to bring one's pit crew with them. Even better to marry them! You should think about it : )

Ride on, my friends! Try not to ride on glass- unless you happen to have my Hubby the Bike Man with you!


  1. It is good to bring one's pit crew with them. Even better to marry them!
    ...or breed one!

    My 18 year old daughter is well versed in puncture fixing and minor repairs, too. However, we usually have spare inner tubes with us and then fix the punctured tubes at home.

  2. I have gone through the supply of tubes, at this point. Now, I am down to patching. OK, James is down to patching : )

  3. Don't tell me those are Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires?

  4. Yep. That should tell you what the average San Franciscan is up against on the roads, these days! I will say, I rode 1200 miles before the first flat.

  5. I was gonna tell you to upgrade to marathons before I continued reading the post. That's bad luck indeed (remnant in tyre from earlier flat?) as those Schwalbes are pretty bomber. The only thing to beat mine so far was a large nail.

  6. I think it may be time to replace the tires. The rear tire is just about shot, and while there is still quite a bit of tread on the front, it has a couple of cuts in it that do not go all the way through, but could be an issue.

  7. Nice tech support you have!
    Peace :)

  8. "It is good to bring one's pit crew with them. Even better to marry them!"

    True story: Waiting for the bus a young woman with luggage sees my bike and starts chatting about how awesome she thinks bike people are. After we get on the bus she sits right next to me and asks me how to fix various things on her bike and finally blurts out "I really wish I had a boyfriend who knows how to fix bikes!" as she puts her hand on my knee.

    She was very cute, but I'm already taken.

  9. Eheheh, I have a portuguese version of such a "meticulous and careful" "pit crew, I.T. department and personal barista" hubby bike man and I can definitely atest its usefulness for any (cycling) girl! :-)

  10. It must be an international marriage thing. My husband is from Hong Kong : D

  11. Ahah! No, we're actually both portuguese, living in Portugal! :-)

  12. Then my theory is blown! I have wanted to live in one of the many lighthouses off of your rocky coast since I was a teenager!