Monday, October 25, 2010

Turning smileys

It has been raining here in San Francisco, so I wanted to give a little sunshine to start the week.
This time we were waiting for the light to turn green on Baker and Fulton, there were no cars around so this guy was caught in the middle of making his left-hand turn.

This guy was smiling the whole way with his big ---WHEEEEEE--- smile. I really liked that.
It's Monday, I needed a little bit of sunshine on this computer screen =)
lycra smile


  1. Everyone needs a little "WHEEEEEE" in their lives.

  2. I gather thats a bike lane on left side ( in pict ) of steet. that looks a little scary, cars backing into bike lane ?

  3. it isnt too bad - there are certainly scariest +more dangerous spots around the city