Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More Random Thoughts

I never circle for parking, anymore. There are few times when I wait in traffic, and then never more than a single change of the light. When I am riding every moment of my journey is spent moving toward my goal, nothing wasted waiting in lines or searching for places to stop. Even when it takes longer to get there, the whole time is spent getting there. I feel so purposeful.

Every time I ride along my usual paths I find something new. There is something about the side streets that never calls when I am driving. New additions to the murals on that restaurant I noticed for the first time last week. The people in the house down the street are finally fixing the damage to the attic from the fire they had five years ago. The trees on my street have started to bloom because they are so confused. They won't drop their leaves until January. My mailman is finally wearing pants.

I apologize to the home dwellers of the east side of Dolores St. between 29th and 30th streets. Your sidewalk is so beautiful and wide and on hot days the sun comes through the trees to make such lovely dappled shade that feels like a nice long rest. I frequently am unable to resist your beautiful sidewalk's call to me- "I am so much better than that crowded, loud, busy street. Come ride on me.". I promise to ride slowly and always keep my eyes open for your little purse dogs that run off leash.

The only part of my bicycle that is flimsy is the paint. Look at it and it flakes. Think about using the lock on it, the paint flakes. Try to seal the chips and they flake. At this rate, in another couple of years I will have an all silver bicycle. Batavus, are you listening? Your paint jobs leave much to be desired.

What is that pain in my right knee this week? Why does it hurt when I first take off? What is causing it? Oooooohhhhh, my TFL is very tight. Why didn't I recognize that before? Fix it myself or go to yoga up the street? Ignore it until it is really bad and then complain about it on the blog! Done.


  1. Too much energy is used worrying about paint. When it's gone and starts to turn brown then maybe but then again maybe not.

  2. I feel like that, too.

    Hope your knee feels better soon. Maybe some deep heat would help? When I was 16 and visited the states for the first time, I lay in the sun without suncream on and my legs and knees got burned to a crisp. My sister spread yogurt on them and gave me a big glass of gin. It helped. You could try it as a last resort even though it is in no way related to your injury :P

  3. "My mailman is finally wearing pants..."
    Ah, San Francisco.
    I know what you meant, ha, ha!

  4. yay! i've been in front of the puter all day and that post really got me in a bikey state of mind and smiling. =) specially the part about dappled light under trees on a sunny day. missing the sun big time. thx!

  5. Old Fool_ I wouldn't mind so much except it was a damned expensive machine! My old Raleighs have been beat to within an inch of their lives and have GREAT paint. I have seen WalMart bikes with better paint. I HATE shoddy work.

    Aileen- Looks like I have plans for the evening, after all : D

    Nio- get out and ride! Maybe I will see you this evening. Depends on Aileen's remedy working : )

  6. Wow! ...It's like reading an excerpt from a novel! I like this - "Your sidewalk is so beautiful and wide and on hot days the sun comes through the trees to make such lovely dappled shade that feels like a nice long rest ..." ... for I have experienced something similiar several times/occasions before. ;)

  7. I get share a laugh with hitchhikers but never actually have to pick them.

  8. Makes me want to brave the chill and wind and go out and ride but these days I've been enjoying the fall changes by taking a walk by a pond close by my office. I try to breathe deep and inhale all I can of the beautiful tree colors and dappled shade.