Friday, October 15, 2010


This is not my finest photographic moment, but what can I say? I was so happy seeing this scene my photographic skills, what small number of them I have, went out the window.

Big Load

Two kids, a basket, shopping and a Workcycle in San Francisco! I was so freakin' proud of this woman I think I came across a little stalker. Riding with kids in the urban environment can be challenging, not least because of the insulting and inane comments people will make right to your face about how dangerous it is out there and how "Eeeyyyyyeeee would never do that with myyyyy kids".

This beautiful woman gets 8 thumbs up from those of us here at the blog! Your kids are lucky to have you! (we give another 8 thumbs to Mai Le, the lovely lady in the blue dress!)


  1. You do not need photography skills to take pictures like this. You just need to be quick.
    The content does it all for you.
    You done good. I especially like the funny paper wrapped flowers.
    Great photo.

  2. I agree with Oldfool. Spur of the moment photos are often the best. There is so much more to read into them than one where the sujects have time to "stage" themselves.

  3. She is too cool - what a sight!

  4. Aw,what an awesome photo, Adrienne. And I love Mai Le's blue dress!!!!

  5. JA and babies!!! You are a total super mom! I don't know you do it!

  6. moms rock. mai rocks
    ADMADMADMA luv this shot

    +you rock2. keep shooting +dont be so hard on yourself, woman <3