Thursday, October 28, 2010

i don't fear the beard

it is with a big heaving sigh AND an equally dismissive eye roll, that i send those of you who may be rooting for the GIGANTES this link. i think y'all would appreciate it.

now pardon me while i go look for some dignity and a beer in preparation for round two tonight! in approximately...oh, 49 minutes.

(via alejand-guey & #BrianWilsonsBeardIsSoPowerful)


  1. yesyes, i was working on it. sorry!!!

    "can you see me now?" (you should be able to thx to my peeps on the street)

  2. See! Even the bike lane knows it's all about the GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You mean baseball season's not over?

    *ducks and hides*

  4. And I thought your post might have something to do with, um, a beard... Never fear the beard. Beards are nice and warm and soft and cuddly, especially big ones.

    But I know you are talking sports here... :-)}}}

  5. i love beards. my love has been rather well documented.

    and even after last night, i still don't fear no stinkin' beard. :D