Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cruising and shining.

Bikey love from the Bay, to ELAY, this video I found via laughinsquid earlier this week, reminded me that the beauty between the north and the southern end of our state, some people can get a rush from having the latest and greatest gadget -SF feels this way more than often especially with so many siclionvallenians nerdos-- or you can get a rush from cruising in the beachside around Los Angeles county.
Almost felt like I would see our LA collab wondershooter woman Caryl somewhere in the video =)
I'd like to visit this shop and get me a cruiser if I ever was to live in SoCal or elsewhere - because any place is really flat, after biking in SF for almost a decade.
This video is tight.



  1. Yup, pretty sure "nerdo" is my word. Kthx

  2. welshcyclist/ :DDDD

    fidel/ of course, as we all know u's the only juan out there espeaking thee espanglish ;-D

    **juan more time** LOLLLL

  3. meli/ claro que yeah. I'm not juan to take make outlandish claims, pero I'm pretty sure if you checked the trademark on Nerdo, it'd be registered to my name. True story.

  4. oyes! you two...keep it nice. juaaaaan mooooooreeee tiiiiiime.

  5. bueno pues, nerdo con clase -- me gusta lots. kekekeiek :DDD

  6. meli/ ah, well, just cuz a guy likes nerdo things doesn't mean he can't be stylish and stuff.

  7. oh, heeEeyyy! i want a wondershooter woman costume for halloween. :)
    please thankyou bighug