Tuesday, October 19, 2010

surveys and such

11350 East on Market from 11th to 10th
photo by sfbike

last friday on the above stretch of market street as i was going to work, i noticed a woman dressed in what appeared to be a SFMTA vest holding a clipboard. she was in the green painted part of the bike lane close to the end of the paint near the crosswalk. as i have the lights pretty timed, i was mainly concentrating on making the light and continuing on my way.

perhaps she sensed my hesitation because she didn't talk to the cyclist in front of me, but rather asked me three questions:

1. would i please participate in a quick survey?

2. on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least safe and 5 being the most safe, how safe do you feel in the lane you are in right now?

3. on a scale of 1 to 5, using the same scale, how safe do you feel biking on green bike lanes?

i was extremely interested in what this was all about, and if she did indeed represent SFMTA. in my quick glance at her, i didn't see a logo of any sort, just yellow and reflective things everywhere.

did anyone else encounter this? if so, what did you say? did you ask her questions back?

please let us know in the comments, and thanks always for reading.


  1. i would think the questions still apply to a tourist. in fact, i would be way more interested in hearing your feedback as you are, in theory, unfamiliar with the layout of the roads and other infrastructure SF has provided.

  2. great one. let's aim that at the end (and soon por please) turns into:

  3. I wonder if this has anything to do with the surveys passed out on Caltrain last week. Probably not, but it's a funny coincidence that SFMTA and Caltrain run surveys in October.

  4. Did they ask the people parking their cars in the green lanes how safe they feel parking in the green lanes?

  5. ctx~ cheers, rad MTA is collecting safety perception data. (as opposed to the opaque accident statistics Voldemort always cites)
    meli~ rite! more -separated- green lanes!
    reese~ maybe summer construction then fall/winter assessment + proposals for spring next fiscal year?

  6. nio- Vold...He Who Must Not Be Named!!!!! Otherwise known as "The Man".

    murphstone- seeing as 2 patrol cars passed right by all of the buses and vehicles parked in the green lane outside the Hotel Whitcome, I would say they are feeling very safe. The ones on Valencia, too,