Monday, October 11, 2010

Back and rack to school

My little brother is back to school and he wanted to share his new bike commute on our story bloggie =)
Oh college life. so cool.
This week is also his birthday ----- Happy birthday nano!!
♥I love this kid so very muchooooo.
Hola! Just wanted to share a couple of pics with you :D

-1. is me n that smurffin jacket you got me all those years ago :P
-2. is my bici with it’s brand new 160lb capacity rear rack!
-3. is the lightweight basket provided by the generous folks at Safeway :P




  1. Heeellloooooo! Glad to have you join us!

  2. Hi, Meli's brother! Nice set up you have there.

    "Story bloggie" - I like that. I also want to go back to college.

  3. My kids bikes are still small (they're five!) but I'd love for them to still be as into it when they're in college.

    So many older kids get lazy. =/

  4. It, the laziness, seems to peak in late middle school and then again in late highschool : )

  5. alex/
    pienso que lo va hacer freehweel, ya que las subidas estan pesadonas

    dottie+Ade/ thx :D
    he was so *stoked* to be on the "cool bike blogs"

    gemma/ nano has too much energy to be driven by someone (I think he just got a license last month, per losing his ID) and super impatient to wait for the bus.
    Guess we have the same genes in that respect :D he heeee...

  6. @alex

    Are you trying to say that child bike commuting should be encouraged or am I missing something?

    Sorry if I'm being a bit of a duffer here...