Monday, October 4, 2010

A cyclist's special

A friend of mine showed me these videos awhile back. They are from the mid-50's and

At 1:40
BART- *should* have these. This is every Bay Area biker's dream and I'm sure many trains and public transportation systems could definetely use these wagons. Would be SOOO nice.
The narrative is fantastic, in many ways reminds me of heading out of SF and riding into the Marin rolling hills.

Lovely fashions, picnics, beer, 'extravangant wheelmen' and bicycle talk while riding. Some simple basic things that are timeless =)

Anyway, enjoy these - they are quite charming to distract you from the Monday daily grinds

Short films about a day out cycling in 1955, made by the British Rail film board


  1. OK...can I just go back in time and travel with these chaps? I love Brits and I love bikes, so this was great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Don't know where you dug them up from but how good was that!! Nice one. :-)

  3. that was so fun to watch. Im with Jennifer above, I want to go back in time.... thanks for posting these.

  4. thanks all, it has been def. a back to the future happy feeling, to watch these :D

  5. This is where my people are from : ) I have a picture of my Mom and her bicycle outside her home in the mid-50's. They lived in a pretty rural place, I bet there were many of these rides past their farm.