Tuesday, October 5, 2010


for our LA peeps!! this sunday, 10/10/10 a LA cicLAvia will be born. this cicLAvia gets me super excited. if LA can do this....think of the possibilities......oooh.

from their press release: 7.5 Mile Stretch of City Streets to Become Temporary Public Park Open to Pedestrians and Cyclists on 10/10/10

and a little video, cause that's how we do.

from their site: "A Ciclovía is not just for recreation. It is social integration."


y tambien, en español

please go, and if you do, let us know how it was!


  1. oakland has one too, pretty awesome.

  2. yah, they do :) was just in LA, needed to give a shout out to my homies that are telling me they are getting on the bicis and ridin' around. this is encouraging, whereas in norcal, i feel that we have a little more support, but i do know that is not true in all parts of the yay.

  3. for realz, i feel we have more support here too. i just meet some of the chicas of ovarian psycos-cycles brigade and learned of all the cool things theyre doing down their, some badass chicas. glad to see some bici love in so-cali.

  4. ooh, haven't heard of that group! i like the name. pretty badass, ey?

  5. CycLAvia was practically mythical in its awesomeness! Organizers estimate 100,000 angelenos turned out for it. HUGE success.

    I made two roundtrips along the route and admit I got a touch choked up on several occasions because it was just about the most beautiful expression of community in Los Angeles I've seen in a long time.

    On the last trip back along the 7.5-mile route, I made a timelapse video of the trip:


  6. I was directed to this blog when one of it's writers or contributors saw me at the NoHo Metro stop after CicLAvia and commented on the homemade camera mount I'd made for the front of my bike! Cool blog!

    I wanted to note that whereever you got that image of the route from is old because the final route had 3-4 additional car crossings in it.

    But whatever, CicLAvia made me laugh and tear up with joy it was so much fun!

  7. hey Ezra! it was nice chatting with you @ the noho station.. saw some of your vids on youtube. ciclavia vid came out awesome. :)

    ciclavia was a blast! thanks for visiting the blog.