Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Colour Me Mine

Over at Lovely Bicycle there is a discussion about personalizing bicycles. Around here we love to see bicycles that have been given a little TLC. Meligrosa has an unnatural love of cheeseburger bells. It got me to thinking about various things that have been on the Bat of late. I lean toward the completely functional or truly silly when adding to my bicycles.

Pink & Green


My Bicycle Is A Reflection Of Me


Many Ways To Travel

What do you have on your bicycles? Any roadside feather collectors out there?


  1. No feathers but I did pick up all kinds of flowers I found laying on the ground so by the end of my ride, I had a basket full of flowers. Preeeeety. :) I'm not sure what to think of that doll. What the hell is it? That's gotta confuse a kid.

  2. YES :D !!!! cheeeesburger bells <3333
    that pinche naked baby

    +OMG----wattttt I just got a T-Rex bell for smurfette AWESOMENESS

  3. Right now just spoke cards from alleycats.

  4. i have a scarf hanging off the handle bars. adds a little lady like touch.

  5. "Any roadside feather collectors out there?"

    Picked up a roadkill woodchuck once, which I thought looked rather interesting tied to the front rack, but people looked at me funny so now I stick to paint trim and bag matching.