Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Park(ing) Day

A couple more pictures of one of my favorite annual San Francisco events. This Park was outside Rainbow Grocery

Walk, Bike, Don't Park

Happy Park(ing) Day!

I wanted to do one of my own on the street outside my home, but there just wasn't time this year. Next year! I have many ideas!


  1. Are these the instant parks that I've been reading about on I love these. If the people keep doing them and doing them and people keep coming and coming eventually the Chamber of Commerce will have to give them the green flag and accept that they are wonderful. And Adrienne you should just put on up outside your home.

  2. What an awesome use of that space! The city needs to make this permanent! All that coolness in the space where one or two cars would otherwise be parked.

  3. wow those sunflowersssss :D so nice