Monday, October 18, 2010


Last week, my closest friend from Physical Therapy school, Louise, came into town with her family, David and Colleen. I was really excited because, not only has it been years since we have seen each other, but because they wanted to rent bicycles to get around town. The City was insane and the fact that they were willing to brave the hundreds of thousands of people who came into town (no exaggeration, it was a mad house) made me love them all even more! They live near Napa in a small, quiet town with one road in, which is the same road out- no 300,000 people a day flowing through.

Years Later

Cameron and Colleen met one another for the first time when they were three. After about a minute of shyness, they were instant friends. When Louise and I found out they had become "Facebook friends" we each had a giggle. The two of them started talking immediately upon Colleen's arrival. It was fun to watch the kids continue a life long friendship, especially doing something so definitively kid like as ride a bicycle on a sunny day.


Colleen was not pleased about the helmet. I am sure the screaming yellow didn't help, but that is the law in California, so she submitted with grace. I think she is the cutest girl in a yellow helmet, ever.

Take The Lanes

As I said,the City was insane. Fleet Week, Farmer's Market, music festivals, food truck parties.... and riding along the waterfront was a little like a war zone. There were so many pedestrians (and idiot motorcycle riders with stupidly loud modified tail pipes) in the bicycle lane, it was better for all of us to just take a lane and go from there. I was worried that my guests would be overwhelmed by the whole thing, but they just kept pedaling along looking at he circus around them!

Look Over There

Louise, especially, liked seeing the sights and gliding around. The whole time we were riding there were stunt flyers in the air above us. I would love to get her down here on a calmer day to ride around and see some sights, I know she's game. She just glided through the crazy mess like it was nothing (wonder why we are friends?).

I love having friends in town, especially when they are up for something fun like riding around.


  1. Compulsory helmet law? I take it that is just for minors. I didn't know California had gone that far, its almost like they are trying to actively discourage young people from cycling.

    Otherwise, it looks like a great outing

  2. Yep. 18 and under wear a helmet. My son, Cameron, is about to turn 16. I know for a fact that he frequently "forgets" his helmet. I don't get on him about it, though. He is old enough to make that decision for himself. Should he get a ticket for it, he gets to pay it himself.

    Kids here have never known a world without helmets. They have to wear them for bicycling, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, skating, football, rock climbing, rafting... so I am not sure that it is the deterrent to them that it is for adults. They just assume they have to wear one and do it, knowing they will be able to get rid of them one day.

  3. We here in British Columbia have an ages mandatory helmet law and I know it discourages kids. Not so much for the reasons most think like; not cool, too much hassle, expensive... but mostly it's the incredible fear mongering required to get people to over-ride their intuitive sense that cycling is a relatively safe activity that discourages kids and even more so, parents. It's also why we won't be joining the ever growing list of cities that have bike share programs anytime soon.

  4. Looks like a great time! Taking visitors riding is always fun, when they're up for it :)

  5. awesome friends that visit awesome friends=EPIC
    =) so cool ade, glad to hear you all had fun