Thursday, December 31, 2009

scenes from the bikey lane: end of the decade, edition

hi guys!

1. man on bike at church and 14th. he thanked me for stopping and riding "civilly." he says i'm a good example of how people should ride. all because i stopped at a stop sign. hmm. interesting. anyway, he did express that 2010 should be the year we all ride bikes. right on! or ride on as the case may be.

2. rain! oh hai, i haven't missed you at all.

3. best buy's new(ish?) bike parking! 4 racks. huge space in between the racks for all you cargo bikers out there. meli has a post regarding this very store and how they didn't have bike parking. perhaps best buy's big brother read it?

Best buy bike parking lot.

4. this strange old man baby wishing us a happy 2010!

Creepy baby 2010

creeeeepy. but that's my neighborhood y'all!

have a happy and very safe new year's celebratory weekend. if you ride your bikes, please, um, be responsible and stuff. hugs & love for a great end to the first decade of the new century.


  1. We called Declan "Old Man Baby" when he was born. Our friend you to sing to him, to the tune of "Old Man River", "Old Man Baby, that Old Man Baby, he screams for dinner, he cries for nothin', he just keeps fussin' along..." : )