Thursday, December 3, 2009

Next Time, Ikea

Furniture Mover

Like we have said before, all you need to ride a bike is a bike. Apparently the same holds true if you need to move a chair.


  1. Bravo!
    I am not yet that advanced : )

  2. Advantages for a cyclist shopping at Ikea: hex key can also be used to repair bike, flatpack boxes very aerodynamic in the front/back directions, furniture is designed in a country where the majority of people are cyclists, if you drop it on the way home and it shatters into a zillion pieces it will be cheaper when you go back to the store to replace it than it was an hour before.

    Disadvantages for a cyclist shopping at Ikea: hex key for some reason missing from the box you are carrying when you open it to fix your bike, flatpack boxes extremely un-aerodynamic in the sideways direction that the wind happens to be blowing no matter which way you turn while carrying the box, since the furniture designers are cyclists they put cryptic warnings on the flatpack boxes which should be interpreted to mean "don't attempt to carry this on your bike, residents of countries with small proportion of cyclists", and if you drop it on the way home and shatters into zillion pieces you will return to the store to find that the shelf in the warehouse area that was stacked high with flatpack boxes containing the thing you wanted is now empty, and contains only a lone hex key sitting in the dust.

  3. Or, after the flatpack box falls and breaks into a gazillion pieces, you return to Ikea in hopes of replacing said item only to find that because you no longer have the hex key that it is no longer returnable. They are, however, more than happy to let you use all of their plastic twine in the loading area to tie all the pieces to the back of your bike, a-la wedding car style, so that you can show people that a bakfiet style cargo bike would have served your needs a great deal more effectively than a MTB with front suspension.

    Or you could spring for truck delivery : )